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The A-EON Amiga X5000: An alternate universe where the Amiga platform...

A modern Amiga computer emerges that is both modern and an Amiga.

Study says excess diesel vehicle emissions killed 38,000 people in 2015

Real-world testing and more stringent regulations would turn those numbers around.

Ubuntu 17.04 review: Don’t call it abandonware, per se

Technically, Ubuntu 17.10 is coming—but how much development will go into a dead desktop?

The Mongols built an empire with one technological breakthrough

The humble stirrup was a game-changing invention that altered history.

Epic, near-EVE-worthy troll sabotages Elite: Dangerous community event

“Smiling Dog Crew” shows how you should never let a wolf guard your chickens.

The Wheel of Time series is one step closer to your...

Sony has snapped up the rights and brought on an executive producer.

Scientists capture video of dolphins risking death to eat octopus

There's a strategy for avoiding tentacles that keep fighting even when detached.

Roland founder and TR-808 creator Ikutaro Kakehashi dies at age 87

Music world mourns loss of electro instrument pioneer who helped create the MIDI standard.

“Radioactive Boy Scout” died of alcohol poisoning, not radiation, father says

David Charles Hahn's dad: "I’m proud of my son and I’m very sad that he’s gone."

Howard Schmidt’s Legacy of Service Remembered

Howard Schmidt, top cybersecurity advisor to two U.S. presidents, died on Thursday at the age of 67.

Turning the water on in a sink can launch pipe-climbing superbugs

In experimental sinks, it took just seven days for germs to climb up from the P-trap.

How Security Products are Tested – Part 1

The demand for tests appeared almost simultaneously with the development of the first antivirus programs.

Demand created supply: test labs at computer magazines started to measure the effectiveness of security solutions, and later an industry of specialized companies emerged with a more comprehensive approach to testing methods.