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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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The canary in the coalmine died 12 years ago, the law went into effect 19 months ago, but many organizations still won't be ready for the new privacy regulations when enforcement begins in May.
Man suffered six taser shots, with the longest lasting 32 seconds.
Data sheds light on violent chain reactions started by volcanic eruptions 2,200 years ago.
Most mass extinctions began with vast convulsions of Earthrsquo;s interiormdash;can we detect that?
"Now please launch something new in space for the next anniversary of our revolution."

Spam and phishing in Q3 2017

In terms of the average share of spam in global email traffic (58.02%), the third quarter of 2017 was almost identical to the previous reporting period: once again growth was slightly more than one percentage point – 1.05 (and 1.07 p.p. in Q2 2017).

As in previous quarters, spammers were quick to react to high-profile events and adapted their fraudulent emails to the news agenda.
CO ordered duties of helmsman spiltmdash;but all of them got sent to another console.
More evidence discovered, story changes againmdash;Madsen no longer calls it an "accident."
Judge finds there was "a lack of any proper testimony as to specific causation."
Nationwide Salmonella infection rate has quadrupled, CDC numbers show.
The Surface Precision Mouse might finally be a replacement for the Intellimouse Explorer.
Autopsy shows no sign of skull fracture, throwing doubt on Madsen's dropped hatch claim.