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George A Romero, master of the zombie horror, dies aged 77

Romero's Night of the Living Dead created a genre that continues to inspire filmmakers.

Pocket brains: Neuromorphic hardware arrives for our brain-inspired algorithms

IBM's TrueNorth helps usher in design that could again get around Moore's Law limits.

Dark web souk AlphaBay shuts for good after police raids

Server update Dark web marketplace AlphaBay's closure last week followed an international law enforcement operation and multiple raids, it has emerged.
It has also been reported that a key suspect who was arrested in the raids has died in custody.…

Murder charges for doc who prescribed alleged “horrifyingly excessive” opioids

Law enforcement now going after doctors in bid to curb opioid epidemic.

Sony’s PlayLink links your phone to your PS4 for multiplayer minigame...

The second screen concept is back, only this time it might actually be worth it.

“Internet of Ships” tells tale of USS Fitzgerald tragedy—or half of...

AIS broadcasts freighter's course to world, triggering conspiracy theories.

Charles Thacker, key designer of the Xerox Alto, dies at 74

Every computer we use today owes a debt to the legendary and influential machine.

YouTube clarifies “hate speech” definition and which videos won’t be monetized

More details for creators on what they can and cannot say if they want to make money.

A fascinating graphic novel about the origins of Dungeons & Dragons

Rise of the Dungeon Master explores the people who changed storytelling with DD.

The A-EON Amiga X5000: An alternate universe where the Amiga platform...

A modern Amiga computer emerges that is both modern and an Amiga.

Study says excess diesel vehicle emissions killed 38,000 people in 2015

Real-world testing and more stringent regulations would turn those numbers around.

Ubuntu 17.04 review: Don’t call it abandonware, per se

Technically, Ubuntu 17.10 is coming—but how much development will go into a dead desktop?