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Reporter missing after "minor problem with ballast" caused near-instant sinking.
Many others had given up trying to make homogenous charge compression ignition work.
Oliver Schmidt will be sentenced in Detroit in December.
New air pollution plan is hard-hitting, but 23 years is a long time to wait.
Companies team to build autonomous, zero-emission container "feeder ship."
And Porsche may decide on the future of the diesel by the end of the decade.
From September, Euro 6 rules mean diesels have to prove theyrsquo;re clean in the real world.
The 2015 Volkswagen diesel scandal continues, now with more subterfuge.
The countryrsquo;s ambitious plans to stem climate change will be a challenge.
Five new EVs between 2019 and 2021, and every other new Volvo will be a hybrid.
Industry benchmarks and analyst reports are bibles for many people in IT, providing independent assessment of vendors product and technology claims.

But too many people take them literally.

The fact is that they should be treated with much more skepticism than they are typically given.

The devil is in the detailsmdash;rather, in the methodology.I know that from personal experience: I now work at and have worked for multiple software vendors that have been frequently covered by analyst firms both positively and negatively.
Irsquo;ve personally assisted in tuning for benchmarks including specs to present my companiesrsquo; best face.[ InfoWorld's quick guide: Digital Transformation and the Agile Enterprise. | Download InfoWorldrsquo;s essential guide to microservices and learn how to create modern web and mobile applications that scale. ] Therersquo;s nothing wrong as a vendor in putting your best face forward and trying to encourage those analysts to support your point of view, But sometimes it goes further than that. Wersquo;ve all heard rumors that some analyst reportsrsquo; conclusions are influenced by which vendors are those analystsrsquo; customers.

And wersquo;ve all seen reports on the habitual cheating on industry benchmarks in several segments of the hardware industry (itrsquo;s not just Volkswagenrsquo;s diesel engines), where they detect the benchmarks in use and change their behavior accordingly to look better than they are in the real world.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Current US and EU emissions testing is insufficient to confirm compliance.