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BlackTDS is a traffic distribution service for directing users to malware and exploit kits based on specific parameters.
For ~$50K you can clone your beloved pet, too.

But should you?
Every year, vast numbers of people around the globe relish the delightful prospect of filling out tax returns, applying for tax refunds, etc.

Given that tax authorities and their taxpayers are moving online, it's no surprise to find cybercriminals hard on their heels.
Why buy a smart wristband when a pair of $140 shoes can track every run?
States recognize charging facilities are an issue.
New Mexico man pleads guilty to directing cyberattacks against his prior employers, business competitors, and law enforcement agencies.
Subpoena demands he fly from Florida to Cali by Thursday Former Uber attorney Craig Clark on Monday filed an emergency motion in a Miami, Florida, court to quash a subpoena directing him to testify in Waymo's trade secret lawsuit against Uber on Thursd...