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Threatpost's Tom Spring sits down with Flashpoint and Akamai to discuss how the two companies worked together to address the 2016 Mirai DDoS attacks.
From do-it-yourself denial-of-service attacks in the 1990s to this year's terabit-topping memcached attacks, distributed denial-of-service attacks have reached new heights in sophistication and volume.
Details on DDoS trends can vary, depending on the reporting source.
Attacks tapering, as experts argue over 'kill switch' DDoS attacks taking advantage of ill-advised use of memcached have begun to decline, either because sysadmins are securing the process, or because people are using a potentially-troublesome “kill sw...
Memcached patching efforts appear to be working as the attack bandwidth size of memcached DDoS attacks are now on the decline.
Researchers find a technique to contain the memcached amplification attacks seen over the past week.
Exploits that abuse memcached servers threaten the stability of the Internet.
This case marks the first successful prosecution of cybercriminals in Ukraine, the organization reports.
Corero shares a kill switch for the Memcached vulnerability and reports the flaw is more extensive than originally believed.
German security specialist nominated in the mobile security and UTM categoriesHamburg, Germany. 7 March 2018 – When hackers and cyber criminals think up new business models, their imagination knows no bounds. With increasingly sophisticated ranso...
Days after a massive 1.35 Tbps DDoS attack against GitHub, an even larger attack reported at 1.7 Tbps by Netscout Arbor emerges to become the largest DDoS yet.
Memcached denial-of-service attacks are getting bigger by the day, according to new analysis.