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Monday, September 25, 2017
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The deal means HTC will still exist, while Google beefs up its hardware team.
1000hp, two seats, and a $2.7 million price tag.
Live streaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies are investing millions of dollars to integrate live streaming into their platforms.

Educational sites are also trying to take advantage of live st...
Exploit broker Zerodium ups the ante with $500,000 to target Signal and WhatsApp.
Consultant was all too app-y to break law, claim investigators A banking IT expert orchestrated an insider-trading caper that raked in millions of dollars for him and his pals, it was claimed on Wednesday.…
What do Brussels and Albany have in common? The answer is Albany, but where’s that? you’re probably asking. It’s a sleepy city that poses as the capital of New York State. Kind of like Brussels, which poses as the capital of Europe. Well, they now have something else in common. Both capitals have jumped the line to be at the vanguard of cyber regulation.The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly referred to as GDPR, is getting a lot of attention. It affects all industries and all companies globally who want to do any business in Europe. This regulation has been on people’s minds for years, a long buildup, with very little in there to surprise us. It is to be enforced starting in May 2018. And it’s got some teeth. Not a mere couple million dollar fine – the fines are scores of millions of dollars all the way up to 4% of revenues! Ouch. That gets my attention. It’s not just the defects that are in the nine digits, but the regulatory penalties too.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Plus, there's now a quicker way to ask for a review of demonetized videos.
The greatest tournament of all time for the greatest game of all time.
SpaceX has brought competition into US aerospace. And it only gets hotter from here.
The company is planning for a much smaller footprint.
Lloyd's of London estimates multi-billion-dollar loss figures in worst-case scenarios of a major zero-day exploit or massive cloud outage.
But taking cognitive tests repeatedly makes you better at taking cognitive tests.