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White House gives thumbs up to overturning net neutrality rules

Congress should replace the FCC's Title II rules, Trump spokesperson says.

Pressure mounting for US government to examine Amazon-Whole Foods accord

On campaign trail, Donald Trump said Amazon had “a huge antitrust problem.”

FDA abruptly drops request for more drug data after maker’s CEO...

The pharmaceutical industry is abuzz with hopes for easier FDA reviews.

Ars Technica supports net neutrality

Get the word out. Net neutrality is at a crossroads. Resistance is not futile.

Twitter users blocked by Trump sue, claim @realDonaldTrump is public forum

Lawsuit adopts a unique constitutional theory about social media rights.

Trump election commission stops collecting personal voter data—for now

“We request that you hold on submitting any data,” commission tells states.

Trump Suggests, Then Pulls Back on Joint Russian Cybersecurity Unit

President Donald Trump proposed, and quickly rescinded, the idea of a joint cybersecurity unit with Russian President Vladimir Putin during this week's G20 summit.

Wait, what? Trump proposed a joint “cyber security unit” with Russia

“Itrsquo;s not the dumbest idea I have ever heard, but itrsquo;s pretty close.”

Trump backs down from ‘impenetrable cyber unit’ with Russia

Fellow politicians have lined up to deride US President Donald Trump's idea of a cybersecurity partnership with Russia.

Sorry Veep, America already leads the world in space by a...

Trump administration has a golden opportunity to extend US leadership.

White House could use ATT/Time Warner deal as “leveragerdquo; against CNN

AT&T seemingly on track to buy Time Warner despite Trump's anger at CNN.