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Trump’s self-imposed cybersecurity deadline is up: What we got?

Quick clue: President Snowflake is a compulsive liar Analysis  On January 6, president-elect Donald Trump had a meeting with the heads of the intelligence services and came out with one action point: cybersecurity.…

Trump’s cybersecurity mystery: 90 days in, where’s the plan?

On Jan. 6, weeks before he was due to become president, Donald Trump sat down with U.S. intelligence officials for a two-hour briefing at Trump Tower on cyberattacks conducted during the U.S. election.

The meeting resulted in a pledge: a plan to counter cyberattacks against the U.S. within 90 days of taking office.On Wednesday, President Trump marks his 90th day in office with no sign of a report or indication that one is on the way.

That’s a surprise, given the recent string of successful, high-profile cyberattacks against the federal government.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Trump will sign executive order to begin revamp of H-1B visa...

Trump aides say the new directive is "buy American, hire American."

Trump to order wholesale H-1B reform

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday dubbed “Buy American, Hire American” that calls for sweeping reform of the H-1B visa process.Its centerpiece is the replacement of the H-1B lottery with a system that distributes visas on the basis of wages, skills and education.[ Give in to the dark side: 10 steps to becoming a horrible IT boss. | Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card — and keep you anonymous.
Send it to offtherecord@infoworld.com. ]
“We want to switch away from a random lottery system, in which it’s weighted toward the lowest wage workers, towards a system that prioritizes higher skilled, higher paid workers,” said a senior administration official, in a background briefing to reporters on the condition that officials not be identified.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Angry Shadow Brokers release password for suspected NSA hacking tools

Annoyed with the U.S. missile strike last week on an airfield in Syria, among other things, hacker group Shadow Brokers resurfaced on Saturday and released what they said was the password to files containing suspected National Security Agency tools they had earlier tried to sell.“Is appearing you are abandoning ‘your base’, ‘the movement’, and the peoples who getting you elected,” the group wrote in broken English in a letter to U.S. President Donald Trump posted online on Saturday.[ 18 surprising tips for security pros. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]The hacker group, believed by some security experts to have Russian links, released in January an arsenal of tools that appeared designed to spy on Windows systems, after trying to to sell these and other supposedly Windows and Unix hacking tools for bitcoin.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

In slap at Trump, Shadow Brokers release NSA EquationGroup files

"Master" archive contains older hack tools—some decades old.

“We all love the Tomahawk:” a brief history of US’s favorite...

Since 1983, TLAM has been the DOD’s favorite way to reach out and touch someone.

Google expands automatic “fact check” insertion into search results

You'll want to phrase your searches very carefully to trigger it.

Twitter balks at US demand to expose account condemning Trump policy...

Feds cited incorrect law and did not get a judge's signature for account data.

Researchers find China tried infiltrating companies lobbying Trump on trade

"ScanBox" Web malware used compromised National Foreign Trade Council website.

North Korea tests missile in what may be step toward mobile...

Next up appears to be another nuclear test.

As Trump signs away Americans’ digital privacy, it’s time to bring...

Claim and counter-claim: What is the real deal? Analysis  President Donald Trump has rescinded America's digital privacy protections over what ISPs can do with their subscribers' data, signing into law on Monday a joint resolution of Congress.…