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Dangerous shortage of essential antibiotics is all about $$

Old drugs donrsquo;t make money, but are better for patients and fight drug resistance.

Learning the rules of antibiotics to make old drugs work on...

A newly developed list of criteria may aid in finding and making effective drugs.

About a third of FDA-approved drugs go on to have major...

Amid calls for faster reviews, researchers look for ways to catch dangerous drugs.

Big Pharma hopes research spending—not reasonable pricing—will improve image

Powerful industry lobbying group may make research investments a requirement.

Going down to the Silicon Bayou: Scenes from Collision 2017

Now annual gathering offers IT, security, startups, and more over three days in NOLA.

There’s a federal law to lower drug prices—and Louisiana may just...

The federal patent law could help the state save tens of millions on a single drug.

Today, even US water is overly medicated—these scientists want to change...

With billions of US meds, algae, fish, and insects get high on our contaminated sewage.

Drugs already in medicine cabinets may fight dementia, early data suggests

In mouse and cell studies, drugs shut down damaging stress response, protected brain.

PGP public key and self-service postal kiosk expose online drug dealers

Second of 2 AlphaBay sellers arrested in 2016 pleads guilty: Abdullah Almashwali.

FDA lashes out at Mylan for dismal quality control at HIV...

Facility making HIV drugs ignored bad quality control data, regulator says.

Feds deliver fatal blow to botnet that menaced world for 7...

Alleged Kelihos kingpin arrested while his family traveled from Russia to Spain.

KFC chicken will no longer be antibiotic lickin’ good

Drugs important to human health will be phased out by 2018, company says.