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PGP public key and self-service postal kiosk expose online drug dealers

Second of 2 AlphaBay sellers arrested in 2016 pleads guilty: Abdullah Almashwali.

FDA lashes out at Mylan for dismal quality control at HIV...

Facility making HIV drugs ignored bad quality control data, regulator says.

Feds deliver fatal blow to botnet that menaced world for 7...

Alleged Kelihos kingpin arrested while his family traveled from Russia to Spain.

KFC chicken will no longer be antibiotic lickin’ good

Drugs important to human health will be phased out by 2018, company says.

Farm antibiotics and superbugs are bad for our health—and the planet’s,...

Stressed by drug resistance and antibiotics in manure, microbes burn through carbon.

Government funding’s impact three times larger than we thought

Traditional metrics for patent impact of NIH grants misses their full contribution.

The Mistakes of Smart Medicine

A technological boom in medicine both encouraged medical institutions to use exclusively information systems in processing data and led to the emergence of new types of technological equipment and personal devices that can be used to interact with traditional systems and networks.

This means that the threats that are relevant for them can also be relevant for medical systems.

Decrypted: The Expanse: “The truth is never what you expect it...

This week our guest is Nick Farmer, the linguist who's creating Belter creole for the show.

False penicillin allergies fuel superbugs—and doctors are fighting back

New testing and clinical guidelines prove useful in fighting back false notions.

Mobile malware evolution 2016

In 2016, the growth in the number of advertising Trojans capable of exploiting super-user rights continued.

Throughout the year it was the No. 1 threat, and we see no sign of this trend changing.

Marathon gets the Shkreli treatment from industry after $89K drug dust...

Public relations nightmare strikes just when drug makers try cleaning their image.

Exotic trip planned? Packing antibiotics may mean bringing home superbugs

Travelers who take antibiotics transport the most drug-resistant of superbugs.