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Big Oil spent decades trying to fool public about climate change, suits say.
Newly dated human teeth back up existing genetic evidence.
The companyrsquo;s CEO has mentioned that a formal announcement will come in September.
Holes fixed after lengthy buck-passing party A Dutch researcher says he found a way to cause mischief on power grids by exploiting software bugs in solar power systems.…
AlphaBay was "10 times the size of Silk Road," according to the FBI.
“All you could see was the eagle talons wrapping around it.”
Privacy groups concerned by data-slurping 'tapping' law Plans by the Dutch government to increase surveillance powers are likely to face opposition from privacy activists.…
In early 2017, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s researchers have discovered an emerging and dangerous trend: more and more cybercriminals are turning their attention from attacks against private users to targeted ransomware attacks against businesses.
OpenVPN patched four vulnerabilities privately disclosed by Dutch researcher Guido Vranken, including a critical issue that could lead to remote code execution.
Earlier today, our products detected and successfully blocked a large number of ransomware attacks around the world.
In these attacks, data is encrypted with the extension “.WCRYrdquo; added to the filenames. Our analysis indicates the attack, dubbed “WannaCryrdquo;, is initiated through an SMBv2 remote code execution in Microsoft Windows.
The Netherlands, May 10, 2017: ASPIDER-NGI, provider of MVNE, IoT, eSIM and content solutions, and SURFnet, the Dutch National Research and Education Network, are partnering on eSIM.

This new agreement gives SURFnet early access to the ASPIDER-NGI eSIM technology to develop and build specific applications for education and research, with an initial focus on identity management and authentication.ASPIDER-NGI is using these initiatives to launch “eSIM eConnect” later this year.

This product provides a modular approach... Source: RealWire