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As two California cities sue oil companies, judge requests climate tutorial.
Dutch car-sharing company chooses Onfido for its long-term scalability and smooth user experience 16th March 2018, LONDON: Leading identity verification provider Onfido today announces that it has partnered with car-sharing platform SnappCar to verify ...
Regional language differences in the UK are retained centuries later in Suriname.
Singing “takedowns from Amsterdam” The takedown of the Hansa dark web marketplace, done live on national TV by Dutch police, was possible because officers had been running the site themselves, and on Thursday they detailed how they did it.…
Service providers no longer have a reason to resist, yet DNSSEC adoption is declining DNSSEC, which secures the ancient domain name system, is important to Internet security and privacy, but as APNIC luminary Geoff Huston wrote last week, there's evide...
Within the first 100 days of the Netherlands scheme, the Dutch Data Protection Authority received 1,000 data breach notifications. Will Australia see the same impact?
Histamine levels in infested homes were 20X higher than normal.
The attackers and their motives for concerted attacks on Netherlands finance institutions remain unknown.
The General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands broke into Cozy Bear's network in 2014 and spotted the group launching attacks, de Volkskrant says.
AIVD shared data on "Cozy Bear" with US, helping thwart 2014 State Department hack.