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REDWOOD CITY, CA - September 6, 2017 - Openwave Mobility, a software innovator enabling operators to manage and monetize mobile traffic, announced today that Vodafone Egypt has selected Openwave Mobilityrsquo;s NFV-based download acceleration and encrypted video management solution to enhance subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) and manage rising encrypted video traffic. With a customer base exceeding 40 million subscribers, Vodafone Egypt is one of the leading mobile operators in the Middle East.Mobile data across the... Source: RealWire
During the preparation of the “IT threat evolution Q2 2017rdquo; report I found several common Trojans that were stealing money from users using WAP-billing. We hadnrsquo;t seen any Trojans like this in a while, but several of them appeared out of nowhere. Most of them had been under development since the end of 2016 / the beginning of 2017, but their prevalence increased only in the second half of Q2 2017.

Therefore, I decided to take a closer look at these Trojans.
Itrsquo;s “first known time ISIS had given money to someone in the US for an attack.”
Dramatic new hypothesis could change the way we understand human history.
As part of this report, we analyze the collected data in our quest for the answer to the question of what interests the current generation of children online.
A no-laptops rule might be imposed on flights from Europe to the US.
Hit show ‘Khod Aqolak’ extends ALTV’s presence as the fastest growing digital platform for current entertainment across the Middle East and North AfricaCairo, Egypt, 18th April 2017: ALTV, one of the fastest growing free streaming services recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa, has found further success in providing exciting and locally relevant content with ‘Khod Aqolak’ after the platform attracted the attention of the show’s star, Ibrahim Farouk.The show’s title comes from... Source: RealWire
Openet enables Orange Egypt to stimulate data usage through real-time offers to create new revenue streamsDUBLIN, Ireland – 12th April, 2017 – Openet, a global leader in the supply of real-time BSS (business support systems) and customer engagement systems, today announced that Orange Egypt, a leading Egyptian operator, has deployed Openet’s Real-Time Offer Manager (RTOM) solution plus reporting tools to improve subscriber experience and increase data revenues. Orange Egypt is using Openet’s RTOM solution to... Source: RealWire
Hit list: Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia The UK has banned airline passengers on direct inbound flights from six countries in the Middle East and North Africa from taking a range of electronic devices into the cabin due to fears of a terrorist attack.…
The digital video community’s new show ‘Street’s Point of View’ proves a hit with audiences hungry for relevant local contentCairo, Egypt, 15 March 2017: ALTV, one of the fastest growing free streaming services recently launched in the Middle East and North Africa, is breaking new ground in the Egyptian broadcast arena with the success of the region’s first ever user-generated current events show.ALTV’s mission to turn viewers from across the MENA into digital content creators... Source: RealWire
Enlarge / Jordan Clarence Rogers fired a laser similar to this one, which was aimed upward in Egypt in 2012.Ed Giles / Getty Images News reader comments 61 Share this story A Kansas City man was sentenced Thursday to three years in prison after he pleaded guilty in September 2016 to pointing a laser at a local police helicopter. Jordan Clarence Rogers has now joined the ranks of people who have been convicted of laser strikes relative to the thousands of incidents that are reported to the Federal Aviation Administration every year. The federal government takes such laser strikes very seriously and prosecutes cases when and where it can. The Department of Justice told Ars that more than 28,000 laser illumination incidents in the United States have been reported to the Federal Aviation Administration between 2011 and 2015. But as of 2014, only 134 arrests were made, and there were only 80 convictions. As of October 22, 2016 the FAA reported 5,564 incidents nationwide. That’s more than 22 laser strikes reported in the United States every day. However, in 2015, just 12 were reported in Kansas City, Missouri, where Rogers fired his laser. According to federal prosecutors, Rogers was “generally aware” that firing a laser at a car or an aircraft was potentially dangerous. In a pre-sentencing memorandum, the government asked the judge to impose a sentence of four years.  “It creates a danger not only to those in the aircraft but also to those on the ground,” Brian Casey, an assistant United States Attorney, wrote in that filing, referring to Rogers' 2013 laser strike. “In this case, the defendant struck the aircraft over a residential neighborhood. Thankfully the pilot was able to remain in control, but this defendant created a real and entirely unnecessary risk of tragedy. This is a serious offense and the defendant’s punishment should reflect that fact.” Casey also pointed out that Rogers had a "horrendous" criminal history that includes prior drug and property crimes. Carrie Allen, who served as Rogers’ public defender, had asked the judge to impose a lesser sentence than what the government was asking for. “Mr. Rogers did something that many young people might impulsively do: impulsively attempt to hit an object with a laser pointer,” she wrote in her own pre-sentencing memorandum. “Unfortunately, a helicopter is an enticing target in these circumstances. Mr. Rogers did not go to an airport and intentionally point a laser pointer at planes carrying hundreds of people. Yet, the guidelines would not distinguish between that sort of thought out action, endangering large amounts of innocent civilians, and this impulsive behavior.” In December 2016, Ars reported on the case of Barry Bowser, a California man who went to trial after the government accused him of the same crime. He was found guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.
Known oppressive regimes including Egypt, and er... the UK? Oh, the IP Act is law... ProtonMail, the privacy-focused email business, has launched a Tor hidden service to combat the censorship and surveillance of its users. The move is designed to counter actions "by totalitarian governments around the world to cut off access to privacy tools" and the Swiss company specifically cited "recent events such as the Egyptian government's move to block encrypted chat app Signal, and the passage of the Investigatory Powers Act in the UK that mandates tracking all web browsing activity". Speaking to The Register, ProtonMail's CEO and co-founder Andy Yen said: "We do expect to see more censorship this year of ProtonMail and services like us." First launched in 2014 by scientists who met at CERN and had become concerned by the mass-surveillance suggested by the Edward Snowden revelations, ProtonMail is engineered to protect its users' communications by using client-side encryption through users' browsers, meaning ProtonMail's servers never have access to any plaintext content. Combined with Switzerland's strong privacy laws, the freemium service has increasingly been seen as a popular destination for spooked citizens.
It has faced enormous DDoS attacks by assumed nation-state adversaries, and following the election of Donald Trump, sign-ups at the service doubled. Users can navigate to the Tor network through: https://protonirockerxow.onion Today, ProtonMail is announcing the introduction of a Tor hidden service, or onion site, which will allow users to directly connect to their encrypted email accounts through the Tor network at the URL https://protonirockerxow.onion, which ProtonMail said it expended "considerable CPU time" to generate for the sake of finding a hash that was more human readable and less prone to phishing. Additionally, the onion site also has a valid SSL certificate issued to Proton Technologies AG by DigiCert.

This is a reasonably novel innovation as the classical Certificate Authority system isn't compatible with Tor, where onion addresses are self-generated rather than purchased from a registrar. Yen told The Register: "The problem is, if you act as your own CA, you run the issue of not trusting that certificate authority by default." As such, ProtonMail reached out to the Tor Project, which suggested it get in touch with DigiCert, who had previously provided the CA service for Facebook. "Given ProtonMail's recent growth, we realize that the censorship of ProtonMail in certain countries is inevitable and we are proactively working to prevent this." said Yen. "Tor provides a way to circumvent certain Internet blocks so improving our compatibility with Tor is a natural first step." In the coming months, the Tor Project stated it would be "making additional security and privacy enhancements to ProtonMail, including finishing some of the leftover items from our 2016 Security Roadmap". ® Sponsored: Want to know more about Privileged Access Management? Visit The Register's hub