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White House voter commission publishes names, numbers of worried citizens

Vice president's spokesman dismisses concerns: "These are public comments."

Trump election commission stops collecting personal voter data—for now

“We request that you hold on submitting any data,” commission tells states.

Wait, what? Trump proposed a joint “cyber security unit” with Russia

“Itrsquo;s not the dumbest idea I have ever heard, but itrsquo;s pretty close.”

States refuse to give Trump commission personal data of registered voters

Lawsuit: Commission asks states "to send voter records to an unsecure web site."

The U.S. government is removing scientific data from the internet

At Ars Technica Live, we talked to Lindsey Dillon, who decided to do something about it.

It’s time to teach people online self-defense

Despite years of fake news online, we still have no idea how to protect against it.

Obama reportedly ordered hacking operation targeting key Russian networks

Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.

Joint committee recommends trial of electronic counting and scanning for Australian...

The next Australian federal election could see electronic counting and scanning expanded from the upper house to the lower house on a trial basis.

Homeland Security: Putinrsquo;s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21...

Senate Intelligence Committee frustrated by lack of details Russian attempts to hack key US election systems are more advanced than first thought, according to testimony by Homeland Security officials in Congress on Wednesday.…

Russian Hackers Focused on Election Systems in 21 States

A Department of Homeland Security official testified today that hackers tied to the Russian government attempted to infiltrate election systems in nearly two dozen states.

Security experts warn lawmakers of election hacking risks

The hundred-plus security experts say many US states are "inadequately prepared" to deal with the rising cybersecurity risks of state and federal elections.

Video game trade group sees pros and cons in new Trump...

Good: Tax cuts, visa reform, IP protection.

Bad: “Exclusionaryrdquo;policies