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Obama reportedly ordered hacking operation targeting key Russian networks

Covert program draws on the NSA, CIA, and US Cyber Command.

Joint committee recommends trial of electronic counting and scanning for Australian...

The next Australian federal election could see electronic counting and scanning expanded from the upper house to the lower house on a trial basis.

Homeland Security: Putinrsquo;s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21...

Senate Intelligence Committee frustrated by lack of details Russian attempts to hack key US election systems are more advanced than first thought, according to testimony by Homeland Security officials in Congress on Wednesday.…

Russian Hackers Focused on Election Systems in 21 States

A Department of Homeland Security official testified today that hackers tied to the Russian government attempted to infiltrate election systems in nearly two dozen states.

Security experts warn lawmakers of election hacking risks

The hundred-plus security experts say many US states are "inadequately prepared" to deal with the rising cybersecurity risks of state and federal elections.

Video game trade group sees pros and cons in new Trump...

Good: Tax cuts, visa reform, IP protection.

Bad: “Exclusionaryrdquo;policies

Worried about election hacking? There’s a technology fix – Helios

End-to-end encrypted, verifiable voting already in action Election hacking is much in the news of late and there are fears that the Russians/rogue lefties/Bavarian illuminati et al are capable of falsifying results.…

Saving net neutrality: Tips for writing persuasive comments to the FCC

Former FCC official explains how to get your point across to Ajit Pai.

Georgia’s voting system is uniquely vulnerable to election-tampering hackers

Report uncovers a litany of lapses in voting system used state wide.

Navy looking at bringing back old ships to grow fleet (but...

Some Oliver Hazard Perry FFGs may be candidates for reboot to help grow fleet faster.

Discredit a journo? Easy, that’ll be $55k. Fix an election? Oh,...

Cybercrooks rake it in with Fake-News-as-a-Service Fake news has come to be associated with political intrigue but the same propaganda techniques are also abused by cybercriminals, according to a study by Trend Micro.…

Russia struck at election systems and data of 39 US states

Investigators find evidence attackers tried to modify voter data, reports Bloomberg.