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Schroedinger’s Pet(ya)

Earlier today (June 27th), we received reports about a new wave of ransomware attacks spreading around the world, primarily targeting businesses in Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe. Our investigation is ongoing and our findings are far from final at this time.

Despite rampant public speculation, the following is what we can confirm from our independent analysis.

Cisco and McAfee decide users just can’t be trusted not to...

So they've welded Advanced Threat Defense to Email Security Appliances Cisco's adding McAfee's Advanced Threat Defense to platforms supported by its Email Security Appliance platform.…

FBI Highlights BEC, Tech Support Scams, Ransomware Concerns

The 2016 Internet Crime Report found tech support fraud, business email compromise, and ransomware were major fraud categories last year.

Braking news: AA password reset email cockup crashes servers

Motoring monolith stalls as punters slam into website UK car insurance giant the AA caused all sorts of confusion on Monday after accidentally sending out a "password update" email to people.…

UK Parliament hack: Really, a brute-force attack? Really?

Two words: Sweet 2FA Comment  Just under 90 Parliamentary email accounts were compromised by a brute force attack on the parliamentary network over the weekend.

And there is a long-established technology which can normally see off this kind of attack.…

Security services investigate cyberattack against UK Parliament after emails hacked

Parliamentary personnel using 'weak passwords' have had email accounts compromised, and it remains unclear whether MPs, Lords and their staff use two-factor authentication.

UK parliamentary email compromised after ‘sustained and determined cyber attack’

Brute force attack on weak passwords, cracked <90 email accounts The Parliament of the United Kingdom has admitted it experienced a “sustained and determined cyber attackrdquo; over the weekend and says <90 email accounts have been compromised as a result.…

iPad Pro vs. iPad mini 4 vs. iPad: Which one should...

So yoursquo;re in the market for a new iPad.

Excellent choicemdash;I couldnrsquo;t live without mine.
Itrsquo;s my companion when Irsquo;m catching up on news and email in the morning over tea, reading a comic book in the evening to unwind, or watching a movie while traveling on a plane. Update 6-22-2017: This article has been updated to include information about the new 2017 iPad, as well as the upgrades to the iPad Pro line.But these days, picking an iPad can be tricky.

Apple currently sells four different models of iPad, with prices ranging from $329 to $1229.

There are size, storage, color, and connectivity options to consider.

All in all, there are 60 different variations of iPad from which to choose.
So which iPad is right for you? Read on.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Russian hackers selling login credentials of UK politicians, diplomats – report

They're oldies but could still spill the goodies, say experts Russians hackers are trading the email addresses and passwords of top UK politicians and diplomats.…

Cisco WebEx Network Recording Player Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

Multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities exist in the Cisco WebEx Network Recording Player for Advanced Recording Format (ARF) files.

An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by providing a user with a malicious ARF file via...

Breach at UK.gov’s Cyber Essentials scheme exposes users to phishing attacks

How does that rank on the Morissette Scale? The operation behind the UK government's Cyber Essentials scheme has suffered a breach exposing the email addresses of registered consultancies, it told them today.…

ProtonMail Launches Free VPN Service

Encrypted email service ProtonMail announced it was launching its own VPN, ProtonVPN, on Tuesday.