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It would seem that no gadget has escaped the attention of hackers, yet there is one last bastion: "smart" devices for animals.

For example, trackers to monitor their location.
Welcome to the future transparency of today as quantum computers reveal all currently encrypted secrets -- a viable scenario within just a few years.
A recently discovered malware steals cache data and messaging sessions from the desktop version of encrypted messaging service Telegram.
In May, while monitoring Roaming Mantis, aka MoqHao and XLoader, we observed significant changes in their M.O.

The grouprsquo;s activity expanded geographically and they broadened their attack/evasion methods.

Their landing pages and malicious apk files now support 27 languages covering Europe and the Middle East.
PGP and S/MIME email to Signal and Telegram desktop messages are all vulnerable.
Mail clients may leak plaintext messages while decrypting OpenPGP and S/MIME messages.
The flaws threaten to expose corporate communications in Outlook as well as the messages of at-risk users like political dissidents.
Researchers explain the attack behind their warning to disable e-mail plugs for now.
According to KSN, Kaspersky Lab solutions blocked 796,806,112 attacks launched from online resources located in 194 countries across the globe.
European researchers claim to have found a vulnerability that could reveal plaintext of encrypted emails, including those in the past.
Users advised to stop using and/or uninstall plugins ASAP to stop Pretty Grievous Pwnage A professor of Computer Security at the Münster University of Applied Sciences‏ has warned that popular email encryption tool Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) might actua...
The flaws, can expose e-mails sent in the past and "pose an immediate threat."