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How a Slack UI change sparked the Ars Technica civil war

We were fighting about emoji as “status” messages in Slack channels.

Netflix slaps additional $1 billion on the price tag of producing...

More people will pay for original content like House of Cards.

Decrypted: The Expanse “It’s part of the equation now”

Season two of show—and our podcast—reaches the final episode.

Doctor Who review: Bill and the Timelord must grin and bear...

“There’s a giant smiley abattoir, and I’m having this childish impulse to blow it up.”

American Gods may have finally nailed the modern-fantasy formula on TV

Come for Ian McShane; stay for a faithful, 16-years-later retelling of Gaiman's classic.

Doctor Who’s intriguing new cast gets a slow start with “The...

Showrunner Steven Moffat starts his swansong series with kind of a thud.

The new MST3K isn’t the same show, but it’s same enough

There are some cobwebs to shake off, but MST3K's goofy spirit is fully intact.

Decrypted: The Expanse: Just get to the point

Palace intrigue, pathos, and a touch of Moby Dick this week.

Bay Area: Join us 4/19 to talk tech, the police, and...

Meet a Bay Area lawyer who represents accused criminal hackers, including weev.

Inmates built computers hidden in ceiling, connected them to prison network

Ohio prison's lax supervision was akin to "an episode from Hogan's Heroes."

Pewdiepie starts crowdsourced channel on Twitch with new weekly show

YouTube's biggest star looks elsewhere for live streaming.

Carrie Fisher will be in Star Wars: Episode 9 without CGI

Brother confirms existing footage, not CGI, will be used to complete Episode IX.