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Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light review

Death by Scotland! The whole world is doomed by a beast of darkness.

Decrypted: American Gods just took a nosedive

Author and writing teacher Claire Light dissects narrative structure and tropes with us.

Doctor Who: Empress of Mars review

The Red Planet is dead, so will the Ice Warriors live on?

Decrypted: American Gods takes a shot at patriotism and gun worship

Double-header! Lee Hutchinson talks guns, and we interview actors Ricky Whittle and Orlando Jones.

Gearhead: Digital assistants, Nokia 3310, and superstar Mark Ronson

Our new technology and gadget podcast, co-hosted by Ars UK and Wired.

Doctor Who: Lie of the Land review

After so much spectacular promise in Extremis, the Monk trilogy fizzles out.

BrandPost: Be Curious and Learn: Modern Fortran in a Nutshell

Advances in science and engineering still rely on Fortran more than any other language by many important measures.
Surprised? You shouldnrsquo;t be, although many people who call themselves programmers have never actually learned Fortran.
Irsquo;ll teach you Fortran in five minutes or less.
It wonrsquo;t hurt, and yoursquo;ll know what is possibly the most important and influential programming language ever.Computer scientists may behave like Fortran doesnrsquo;t exist, but popular culture (The Simpsons, Season 26, Episode 10) did better with the wise observation: “Fortran, the greatest of the programming languages!”In fact, more than half the computation done by the most powerful computers in the world comes from Fortran.
In some large systems, Fortran code can be responsible for 80-100% of the computation.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Carpool Karaoke series rolls into Apple Music on August 8

The most anticipated Apple Music original show is finally coming out.

Decrypted: American Gods showed us who Wednesday really is

Old Norse expert Jackson Crawford joins us to talk about Vikings and sacrifice.

Doctor Who: The Pyramid at the End of the World review

Polite Monks will take world if asked nicely; conventional weapons still useless.

ATTrsquo;s purchase of HBO could lead to 20-minute Game of Thrones...

ATT CEO says 60-minute episodes might be too long for mobile devices.

Decrypted: American Gods just made its heroes a lot less likable

Guest Paula Gaetos talks to us about Laurarsquo;s tokusatsu-style transformation.