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CIO allegedly sold $1 million worth of stock 10 days before public learned of breach.
Jun Ying 'dumped' shares before megabreach went public A former Equifax exec was today charged with insider trading for offloading almost $1m of shares before the company went public about the scandalous mass data breach.…
CIO of a US business unit within Equifax had reportedly learned of the company's data breach and sold his shares for nearly $1 million.
The SEC accuses the former executive of dumping stock before Equifax made the breach public.
Similar to Apache Struts flaw that stuffed Equifax Pivotal's Spring Data REST project has a serious security hole that needs patching.…
Equifax said that an additional 2.4 million Americans have been impacted by a 2017 data breach, bringing the total of those implicated to around 148 million people.
It's OK, it was only partial driving licence information Embattled credit-reporting company Equifax has done some data crunching and discovered another 2.4 million people that had their information slurped by hackers.…
An additional 2.4 million Americans have been identified as victims of the company's 2017 breach.
Total of victims now at 147.9 million customers.
Since the Equifax breach revealed that the personal information of more than half the adult population of the U.S. had been compromised, security firms have developed new ways to sign into services more securely.