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24% off NETGEAR CM700 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem 1.4Gbps Certified for...

The NETGEAR CM700 High Speed Cable Modem is certified to work with most major cable providers, and may save you $100 or more annually by eliminating modem rental fees you may currently be paying.
It provides a connection to high-speed cable Internet...

“Samsung Dex” is a $150 Galaxy S8 dock that makes your...

Another product blurs the lines between phone and desktop.

Corsair One review: The best small form factor PC we’ve ever...

So good it almost makes you forget about the horror that was the Bulldog.


Build offline-first mobile apps without pain

Alexander Stigsen is co-founder and CEO of Realm. It is a truth universally acknowledged that a user in possession of a smartphone must be in want of a better connection.

Despite billions of dollars of infrastructure investment and relentless technological innovation, it doesn’t take much more than a short drive to notice an essential reality of the connected era: You can’t assume a network connection will be available every time you want it.

As mobile developers, it’s a truth that’s convenient to ignore. Offline states in apps can be confounding to handle, but the problem begins with a basic and incorrect assumption—that offline is, by default, an error state.

That made sense when we built apps for desktop computers with dedicated ethernet uplinks.
It doesn’t make sense when the closing of an elevator’s doors renders an app completely useless or when it’s reasonable to expect that your application will be used in places that lack a reliable cellular infrastructure.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Microsoft’s latest open source servers shown off with Intel, AMD, and...

An inevitability is becoming a reality.

802.eleventy what? A deep dive into why Wi-Fi kind of sucks

The good news is that it doesn't have to suck, if you build it out properly.

IDG Contributor Network: A beginner’s guide to Raspberry Pi 3

This article is part of a weekly series where I'll create new projects using Raspberry Pi 3.

The first article of the series focusses on getting you started and will cover the installation of Raspbian, with PIXEL desktop, setting up networking and s...

enet enters UK market for first time with SSE Enterprise Telecoms...

Dublin, Ireland – 2nd March 2017: enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network operator, has made its first entry into the UK market with a ground-breaking, strategic network partnership with SSE Enterprise Telecoms, the UK’s leading provider of network infrastructure services and part of the SSE Group.Under the terms of the deal, enet will utilise SSE Enterprise Telecoms’ full range of dark fibre, Carrier Ethernet and optical networking services across 13,700km of national network.

Additionally, under the... Source: RealWire

New $10 Raspberry Pi Zero comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Still tinier and cheaper than the flagship, the Raspberry Pi Zero goes wireless.

Linksys Velop review: Fast, capable mesh Wi-Fi—but way too expensive

Priced for professionals, Velop only offers consumer configurability with so-so software.

Get ready for true LAN parties with the Nintendo Switch

Up to 10 docked systems can be connected directly via wired ethernet.

Apple’s “new” UAC port wasn’t made by Apple and it isn’t...

"Ultra Accessory Connector" is Apple's name for an obscure but already-existent port.