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WWII game's only MTX will be cosmetic; hints at possible battle royale reveal during E3.
This go-anywhere vehicle goes on sale next year.
The quarter's main topic, one that we will likely return to many times this year, is personal data.
It remains one of the most sought-after wares in the world of information technology for app and service developers, owners of various agencies, and, of course, cybercriminals. Unfortunately, many users still fail to grasp the need to protect their personal information and donrsquo;t pay attention to who and how their data is transferred in social media.
Diogenes Rettori is the principal product manager for Red Hat OpenShift. The attention and traction generated around the Istio service mesh technology in the past year is certainly intriguing.
In fact, as I write this article, Istio is only at vers...
We wanted more from our skin-deep look at this PS4-exclusive zombie-biker game.
New and old will collide as event heads to Rome, with less than 10 exhibition stands remaining Rome, Italy, 21 May 2018: Remote sensing, bio-medical applications, consumer products and free space optics will be among the latest trends discussed at this...
Oakland's finest mech also pummeled a washing machine, which had it coming.
We mold, animate, design, and score some beautiful adventures using only a gamepad.
Clicking on a PDF was all it took to infect older versions of Windows.
Treyarch still knows its five-on-five combat, adds smart tweaks. What about the rest?
Move highlights an industry-wide shift to never-ending online competitions.
I attend the eTail West event, annually if I am able, because that’s where the enablers hang out.

The worlds of retail, fashion, and e-commerce offer plenty of glitz and glamor.
If what you are looking for, however, are serious discussions and actio...