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The leader in digital threat management expands Digital Footprint product to cover enterprise risk reporting and prioritise remediation of digital threat exposures outside the firewallLONDON - Feb. 20, 2018 - RiskIQ, the leader in digital threat manage...
Doctors stumped by sonic experiences, doubt cause is viruses, delusions, or chemicals.
Stray piece of metal can short out one of the battery cells.
Google's computational photography special sauce is open to any app on the Pixel 2.
In this study, being in one of the control groups was fatal.
I skip most of the high-end exhibits at CES in favor of Eureka Park, where little startups are getting their - often - first exposure. Here's some of the cool stuff I found on the show floor, in the first of a series.
The open source stalwart continues to make large performance improvements.
Become the ruler of all you survey Security people talk of an attack surface to describe exposure to malware and hacking.

The bigger the attack surface, the more at risk you are.…
As long as you know the right URL, anyone with access to the internet could retrieve all the data that was left online by marketing analytics company Alteryx.

This is the second major exposure of data stored and improperly managed in the Amazon Web ...
Database in unsecured AWS storage bucket owned by marketing analytics firm Alteryx included 248 data fields on each household, but no names.
Therersquo;s still no solid evidence that cell phones pose any risk.
From the archives: An old FCC decision provides perspective for what the Commission is doing now.