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Digital payments and finance entrepreneur boosts Hampleton’s Fintech MA expertiseLondon & Frankfurt, 22 May 2018 - Hampleton Partners, the international technology MA advisor, has appointed Mike Woods as Fintech sector principal to increase its...
CPU hardware utilizing speculative execution may be vulnerable to cache timing side-channel analysis.

Two vulnerabilities are identified,known asVariant 3aandVariant 4quot;.
The flaws, can expose e-mails sent in the past and "pose an immediate threat."
Researchers donrsquo;t know much yet, but camels are crucial to millions of people.
Bright dots that look like snow are in fact stars.
Company claims it's too hard, and few systems have exposure to attack.
Op-ed: With Facebook, yoursquo;re not the customer. Yoursquo;re the product.
Doctors say repeated stings boost risks; itrsquo;s “both unsafe and unadvisable.”
DAILY VIDEO: Google urges webmasters to quickly replace untrusted Symantec certs; Tenable launches the Lumin cyber-exposure benchmarking platform; there's good news for the server business: revenue is up 25 percent in Q4 2017; and there's more.
Democrats accuse president of using games to “change the subjectrdquo; from gun control
New feature on Tenable's cloud-delivered services platform aims to help organizations better understand and prioritize vulnerabilities.
EUV has been the next big thing in chip manufacturing for nearly 30 years.