Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Strangers' snaps glimpsed, deleted with code you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot poll A security researcher found a way to delete any picture on Facebook, irrespective of whether it's public or private, by cunning use of polls.…

Android commercial spyware

Therersquo;s certainly no shortage of commercial spying apps for Android, with most positioned as parental control tools.
In reality, however, these apps barely differ from spyware, with the exception perhaps of the installation method.
"This tool will be available for use by the end of the year in the Facebook Help Center."
ProPublica bought ads that excluded African-Americans, Spanish speakers, Muslims.
Trove included more than 1.8 billion posts spanning eight years, many from US people.
While many startups aspire to be the next Facebook or Google, there’s a similar trend happening at the individual level: independent software vendors racing to build the next Pokémon Go.

Although payout rates like Apple’s recently disclosed $70 bill...
Image from mobile AC-130 Gunship Simulator apparently came from a YouTube trailer.
Looking back at a year like 2017 brings the internal conflict of being a security researcher into full view: on the one hand, each new event is an exciting new research avenue for us, as what were once theoretical problems find palpable expression in reality. On the other hand, as people with a heightened concern for the security posture of users at large, each event is a bigger catastrophe.
Bug hunters are educated, young, looking for challengemdash;and cash to feed security habit.
From its humble beginnings in the AMPLab at U.C.

Berkeley in 2009, Apache Spark has become one of the key big data distributed processing frameworks in the world.
Spark can be deployed in a variety of ways, provides native bindings for the Java, Sca...

IT threat evolution Q3 2017

Our growing dependence on technology, connectivity and data means that businesses present a bigger attack surface than ever. Targeted attackers have become more adept at exploiting their victimsrsquo; vulnerabilities to penetrate corporate defences while ‘flying under the radarrsquo;.
Franken: Google, Facebook and others are a "new kind" of Internet gatekeeper.