Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Pilot program goals are laudable, but is the remedy as bad as the ailment it treats?
Top Knot Detective, the "show"—delightfully derivative. | TKD, the filmmdash;wildly original.

Spam and phishing in Q3 2017

In terms of the average share of spam in global email traffic (58.02%), the third quarter of 2017 was almost identical to the previous reporting period: once again growth was slightly more than one percentage point – 1.05 (and 1.07 p.p. in Q2 2017).

As in previous quarters, spammers were quick to react to high-profile events and adapted their fraudulent emails to the news agenda.
Throwing humans at Facebook's fake news and security issues isn't likely to fix the company's issues.

Facebook needs more AI and automation to correct ills before engagement falls.
“Fake news” is all the rage in the press these days.
In the United States at least, fake news (aka lying) oddly isn’t illegal and is probably protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

But Russian fake news meant to influence an election ...
Ads bash Clinton before election and cap on Trump after he won the presidency.
Eptica research finds top brands successfully answer just 44% of all queries Reading, 1 November 2017, UK brands are struggling to cope with a rising volume of queries and growing consumer expectations, according to the Eptica Multichannel Customer Con...
Tuesday's hearing in the Senate marks the first of several hearings involving the tech giants and how Russian-backed hackers and propagandists used their services to spread misinformation and false news.
Twitter: "We are committed to working every single day at solving this problem."
The tech giants are in Washington to talk about Russian 'disinformation online' and to discuss solutions for fighting it.
Google, Facebook, and Twitter reveal how Russian agents reached millions of US voters before the 2016 election.