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Charge up the Pip-Boy.
AMD is now making microcode patches available to help mitigate Spectre vulnerabilities, as Google reveals how it has worked to mitigate the performance impact.
Toymaker coughs up $650k after three million youngsters have info swiped The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today agreed to a settlement deal with a children's electronic toymaker it had accused of collecting kids' personal information and then fail...
Your Ghost will answer your Alexa-powered Destiny 2 questions in his own voice.
Be prepared: A nuclear apocalypse is far more likely than a zombie outbreak.
There is never a good time to reveal a cyber attack. But with EU's GDPR looming, the fallout is only going to get harder and more expensive if you wait.
The HP Elite x3 happens to be a pretty nice phone if you're into platforms with no future.
"Itrsquo;s almost like a lynch mob is forming," she says about the fallout from her post.
Offer expires on the night of Saturday, September 30; not available on other shops.
DAILY VIDEO: Equifax CEO Richard Smith retires as breach fallout continues; power-saving, highly accurate Broadcom Mobile GPS chips are coming in 2018; Google reportedly is planning to establish an independent shopping unit; and there's more.
Richard Smith decides that it's in the best interest of Equifax to have new leadership, after massive data breach.
Epic intellectual property battle: San Diego Comic-Con versus Sal Lake Comic Con.