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It's the week in security Roundup  The lingering fallout of security flaws in AMD processor chipsets has dominated the news this week, and it ain't over yet.…
Follows Skyrim VR's launch on PlayStation VR last holiday season.
Converting licensed vocal files falls into a legal gray area.
AMD says its Secure Processor is impenetrable. Instead, it can harbor malware.
Nuke-powered cruise missile and torpedo, hypersonic missiles counter US ballistic missile defense.

Equifax Names New CISO

Former Home Depot CISO takes the reins in the wake of Equifax's massive data breach and fallout.
"Samsung is above the law and the court" says national assembly member.
Long time executive Michael Mayberry has been named SVP and CTO effective immediately.
Not all systems require full patching for the flaws right now, anyway, experts say.
Charge up the Pip-Boy.
AMD is now making microcode patches available to help mitigate Spectre vulnerabilities, as Google reveals how it has worked to mitigate the performance impact.
Toymaker coughs up $650k after three million youngsters have info swiped The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today agreed to a settlement deal with a children's electronic toymaker it had accused of collecting kids' personal information and then fail...