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Call of Duty WWII: A blockbuster shooter in need of a...

Activision promised depth and soul, instead CoD WWII is retreading a well-worn path.

US gov’t taps The Machine to beat China to exascale supercomputing

US has lagged behind China for years.

Can HPE's new architecture help the DoE catch up?

Minecraft to receive its first top-engine visual overhaul since 2010 debut

"Super-Duper Graphics Pack" retains blockiness, goes crazy with particles, shadows.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia review: Hard reboot

A stylish remake that could benefit from a whole lot more substance.

Nokia 3310 review: No matter how much you think you want...

Overpriced and underpowered, the Nokia 3310 is a feature phone for the hipster elite.

73% of luxury brands find maintaining exclusivity and aspiration on social...

Social influencers are at the forefront, shaping digital communications for the fashion and beauty industries, yet luxury brands are far from realising the full potential of influencer marketing, finds the new Fashion and Beauty Monitor report produced in association with Econsultancy. London, United Kingdom (17 May, 2017).

Fashion and Beauty Monitor, the leading influencer marketing and PR solutions provider for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, today released ‘The New Face of Luxuryrsquo; research report,... Source: RealWire

Google wants to solve the Android update problem once and for...

If therersquo;s one thing we hate about Android phones, itrsquo;s the lack of regular and speedy updates for all but Googlersquo;s own Pixel series. Whenever a new version of Android comes out, even just a small one, it takes LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and everyone else months to push out an update to their latest smartphones.

And if you donrsquo;t have a flagship Android smartphone, yoursquo;re lucky to get an update at all.But a major change coming to Android O might make our hand-wringing a thing of the past.[ Android is now ready for real usage in the enterprise. Read InfoWorldrsquo;s in-depth guide on how to make Android a serious part of your business. | Get the best office suite and the 38 best business-worthy apps for your Android device. ] In a post on its developerrsquo;s blog, Google unveiled a sneak peek at Project Treble, which it says is “the biggest change to the low-level system architecture of Android to date.” In a nutshell, it aims to significantly lessen the burden on third-party smartphone manufacturers so they can deliver updates in a timely fashion.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Three quarters of fashion retailers will invest in artificial intelligence over...

Drive to transform online sale performance will see AI investment focus on ‘online merchandising’ and personalisation to deliver ‘real time relevance’Two separate research studies, funded by Apptus and carried out by IMRG and Hive, have found that fashion retailers are planning significant investment in artificial intelligence (AI) over the next two years, as they seek to deliver the ‘real time relevant’ customer experiences that are vital to improving sales performance.An IMRG Benchmark study found that:52%... Source: RealWire

Knomo #LiveFree: A stylish tech backpack designed by non-techies

A backpack with wireless charging, Bluetooth tracking is neat—but they're lazily implemented.

COTTON USA partners with world leading university to support future textile...

11th APRIL 2017, London – COTTON USA is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with one of the world’s leading universities for textiles innovation and design to encourage future industry professionals to innovatively use U.S. cotton.
In partnership with Loughborough University, COTTON USA has launched its first Innovation Competition especially designed to support and showcase the future talent of the interior, fashion and textiles industries.COTTON USA’s Innovation Competition will run in partnership with the... Source: RealWire

21 hot programming trends—and 21 going cold

Programmers love to sneer at the world of fashion where trends blow through like breezes.
Skirt lengths rise and fall, pigments come and go, ties get fatter, then thinner.

But in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over...