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"This is crazy. Lowering standards doesn't solve our broadband problems."
Bezel-free design maximizes screen space, and hides some fancy features.
Join us for live coverage of all Apple's announcements.
For the longest time, the structure of a typical business application remained the same.
Implementation details could vary, but the solution invariably consisted of the front end, the business logic, and the data management layer.We started with mon...
We're not pro photographers at Ars.

Fortunately, there's a space agency for that.
Everyone should have fast home Internet and mobile access, commenters tell FCC.
Itrsquo;s pretty much understood that companies in most every industry will need to implement some level of machine learning in order to remain competitive.With the vast amounts of data companies accumulate, they need to make this data work for themmdash;helping them predict the likelihood of a loan going into default, what fashion trends customers will be looking for next summer, or how many buses may be operating in specific regions and their impact on traffic.Before machine learning this was stuff that was close to impossible to determine with any level of accuracy.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
By saying mobile is good enough, FCC could find that deployment problem is solved.
Now in Seattle: two services, 1,000 bikes, and a shoulder shrug at helmet laws.
Earphones are back! And custom fits from Snugs and Ultimate Ears are leading the charge.
To date, nobody has been able to find any significant code sharing between ExPetr/Petya and older malware.

Given our love for unsolved mysteries, we jumped right on it. Wersquo;d like to think of this ongoing research as an opportunity for an open invitation to the larger security community to help nail down (or disprove) the link between BlackEnergy and ExPetr/Petya.
Activision promised depth and soul, instead CoD WWII is retreading a well-worn path.