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Ex-NRO bod also allegedly swiped $340k of espionage kit plus classified files The FBI has raided the home of US intelligence contractor John Weed who is suspected of leaking classified blueprints online via a fake Facebook account.…
DAILY VIDEO: The U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking the power grid, and Google enhances security management features in Chrome Enterprise.
Alert adds detail to 'Dragonfly' cyber-attack disclosed last year The US Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday issued an alert warning of ongoing cyber-attacks against the West's energy utilities and other ...
Joint DHS and FBI analysis finds evidence that Russia has been actively targeting critical infrastructure in the U.S with cyber-attacks. What can and should operators do in the U.S. to limit risks?
The FBI also warned of Russian government actors targeting the energy grid and other critical infrastructure.
In $86 million deal, US Air Force buys 7 AC-208 Eliminators for Afghan military.
No 'legitimate users' of modded Blackberries, says FBI An arrest by US authorities last week has brought to light alleged associations between encrypted phone supplier Phantom Secure and international drug trafficking.…
Of the 20,000 Phantom Secure devices in service around the world, 10,000 were allegedly in Australia, according to the FBI.
FBI chief: "I donrsquo;t buy the claim that itrsquo;s impossible" to solve "Going Dark."
New documents produced as a result of FOIA lawsuit brought by EFF.