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"Apple is pretty good at evil genius stuff," FBI official laments at conference.
Speaking at International Conference on Cyber Security, FBI director Christopher Wray pointed to a rise in nation-state attacks - and strong encryption that limits bureau investigations.
The debate over the government's authority to access private encrypted data on digital devices was amplified when the Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray called unbreakable encryption an 'urgent public safety issue.'
Where there's a will, there's a Wray FBI Director Christopher Wray has picked up where he left off last year with a new call for backdoors in encryption exclusively for law enforcement.…
FBI director Christopher Wray said he supports strong encryption but called an inability to access encrypted devices an "urgent public safety issue."
Video: the real-world inspiration behind Westworld S2rsquo;s Turing-besting bots.
Brett Johnson was dubbed the “Original Internet Godfatherrdquo; by the US Secret Service.
After an up-and-down S2, no one would blame you for skipping S3mdash;but Mr. Robot is back.
By Jesse St. Laurent, HPE Chief Technologist, Hyperconverged & SimpliVity Ransomware is a dominant threat to businesses everywhere that is not going away anytime soon.
It’s a reality IT teams acknowledge, but are not always prepared for. Of cour...