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Few Victims Reporting Ransomware Attacks to FBI

The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) identified ransomware as one of 2016's top threats, but a relatively small number of attacks were reported.

Espionage suspect totally thought messages to Chinese intel were deleted

" Mallory expressed surprise at seeing some secure message history."

Nigerian phishing: Industrial companies under attack

In late 2016, the Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team reported on phishing attacks that were primarily targeting industrial companies from the metallurgy, electric power, construction, engineering and other sectors.

As further research demonstrated, this was just part of a bigger story that began much earlier and is unlikely to end any time soon.

Georgia’s voting system is uniquely vulnerable to election-tampering hackers

Report uncovers a litany of lapses in voting system used state wide.

DHS, FBI Warn of North Korea ‘Hidden Cobra’ Strikes Against US...

DHS and the FBI warned that North Korean attackers are targeting U.S. businesses with malware- and botnet-related attacks that are part of concerted effort dubbed "Hidden Cobra."

A Former FBI Most Wanted Cybercriminal is Extradited to US

The Latvian man is charged with four counts of wire fraud and unauthorized computer use in a "scareware" scheme that netted more than $2 million.

James Comey: Russian hackers launched hundreds of attacks to influence election

The ousted FBI director said he has "no doubt" that the Russian government was behind the DNC hack.

The Twitter presidency is getting old, according to a new voter...

"They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out," Trump tweets.

How to watch former FBI chief James Comey’s testimony and what...

Speaking for the first time tomorrow since President Trump fired him, the meeting will likely be a fascinating watch.

Cuffed: Govt contractor ‘used work PC to leak’ evidence of Russia’s...

Reality Winner cuffed by FBI after allegedly emailing journos A 25-year-old contractor has been charged with leaking NSA files that claim Russian intelligence hacked at least one maker of voting software used in 2016's US elections.…

Leaked NSA report says Russians tried to hack state election officials

Alleged source of leak arrested by FBI after Intercept provided copy to NSA.