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Pai offers no data for claim that Title II repeal boosts broadband construction.
A long legal process starts now.
Many say that mobile canrsquo;t replace cable or fiber, but FCC may think otherwise.
One more Republican vote needed to get net neutrality bill through Senate.
30 senators support net neutrality bill as Democrats try to force a vote.
Nebraska and California may challenge FCC's attempt to preempt state laws.
With repeal officially published, FCC will soon face lawsuits.
“If they donrsquo;t vote for net neutrality, letrsquo;s vote them out,” new campaign says.
Pai likely would have had to answer questions about net neutrality repeal.
Repeal undergoing final changes as FCC prepares for court battle.
Only ISPs with neutral networks would get state contracts under proposed NY law.
Ajit Pai still thinks Obama's call for net neutrality rules amounted to an order.