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Lawsuit seeks Ajit Pai’s net neutrality talks with Internet providers

FCC accused of not complying with FoIA request for Pai's talks with ISPs.

Verizon accused of violating net neutrality rules by throttling video

FCC has no comment on petition to investigate Verizon slowing video to 10Mbps.

Democrat asks FCC chair if anything can stop net neutrality rollback

Ajit Pai ignoring evidence that net neutrality helps businesses, lawmaker says.

Net neutrality faceoff: Congress summons ISPs and websites to hearing

Lawmaker schedules hearing with goal of replacing FCC's net neutrality rules.

Senator blasts FCC for refusing to provide DDoS analysis

FCC is either too secretive or is unprepared for future attacks, senator says.

Verizon accused of throttling Netflix and YouTube, admits “video optimization”

Verizon claims mobile video experience not affected; some customers disagree.

Senator challenges Ajit Pai over evidence for net neutrality repeal

ISPsrsquo; statements to investors prove that rules havenrsquo;t hurt, Markey says.

FCC has no documentation of DDoS attack that hit net neutrality...

Records request denied because FCC made no "written documentation" of attack.

White House gives thumbs up to overturning net neutrality rules

Congress should replace the FCC's Title II rules, Trump spokesperson says.

FCC refuses to release text of more than 40,000 net neutrality...

Ajit Pai says therersquo;s no net neutrality problemmdash;but keeps complaints under wraps.

Comcast accuses net neutrality advocates of not “living in the real...

Anyone who denies harm from Title II rules is denying reality, Comcast says.

Ajit Pai not concerned about number of pro-net neutrality comments

Two million new pro-net neutrality comments claimed by "Day of Action" organizers.