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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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"This is crazy. Lowering standards doesn't solve our broadband problems."
Lawsuit: FCC ignored public records request for data on mass comment uploads.
Comcast, ATT, other ISPs try to get customers online as power outages persist.
13,000 pages of net neutrality complaints released last week.
FCC API could be misused to host malware on FCC's domain.
Besides form letters, ISP-funded study finds almost no support for repealing rules.
If you haven't told the FCC what you think yet, now is the time.
148,000 Internet, TV, and phone customers lost service in storm's wake.
Pai says antitrust will protect net neutralitymdash;here's why it probably won't.
AT&T refusal to boost Internet speed violates discrimination ban, complaint says.
FCC now says it will release net neutrality complaints "as soon as we can."
FCC hasn't shown proof that it was attacked, Democrats say in call for probe.