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Star Wars Han Solo film directors leave citing “creative differences”

No replacement named, but film still on track for 2018 release says Lucasfilm.

Sony’s PlayLink links your phone to your PS4 for multiplayer minigame...

The second screen concept is back, only this time it might actually be worth it.

UK’s Quiet Mark comes to America alongside the Premiere of documentary...

In Pursuit of Silence to open in theaters June 23rd - (Trailer) New York, June 19th, 2017: Quiet Mark, the international award programme for excellence in low-noise technology and solutions to unwanted noise, today announced the companyrsquo;s focus on North America timed to the U.S. theatrical premiere of director Patrick Shenrsquo;s feature documentary film In Pursuit of Silence, a critically-acclaimed, meditative cinematic exploration of our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our... Source: RealWire

Konami reportedly blacklisting ex-employees across Japanese video game industry

“If you leave the company, you cannot rely on Konamirsquo;s name to land a job.”

Mandatory co-op fuels the storytelling possibilities of new game A Way...

Director minces no words about creative vision: "Let's f@#$ things up!"

The Mummy review: A mix of good-creepy and Tom Cruise-creepy

Best bits make us hopeful for next Dark Universe movie. Not this one, though.

Stepping on Neil Armstrong: Ars visits the Navy’s newest research vessel

We've got film from the US' latest generation of mobile research stations.

Hollywood Film Studio Seeks Up-And-Coming Hackers for Reality TV Show

New program on AE will feature competitions, personalities

What Interests Children Online

As part of this report, we analyze the collected data in our quest for the answer to the question of what interests the current generation of children online.

We can now convert every film and TV show from the...

SDR-to-HDR converter conjures up more color, contrast out of images.

Canceled Halo Chronicles is finally detailed in epic Halo oral history

Also, Peter Jackson totally made a working Warthog, and a Bungie staffer crashed it.