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Unraveling the Lamberts Toolkit

The Lamberts is a family of sophisticated attack tools that has been used by one or multiple threat actors against high-profile victims since at least 2008.

The arsenal includes network-driven backdoors, several generations of modular backdoors, harvesting tools, and wipers.

Carrie Fisher will be in Star Wars: Episode 9 without CGI

Brother confirms existing footage, not CGI, will be used to complete Episode IX.

How Ghost in the Shell got its main characters wrong—and why...

Apparently, "you can't lead" with philosophy in Hollywood.

Colossal review: Everyone has a monster, most aren’t this fun

Anne Hathaway + kaiju monster = awesome film (though in ways you may not expect).

As Netflix ramps up its films, Rob Redford in this sci-fi...

A sci-fi film about life after death kicks off what could be a big 2017 for Netflix.

At last, a new movie that’s as beautiful and insane as...

Stop everything and watch trailer for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Ghost In The Shell film might be the most disappointing live-action...

This average action film looks so much worse through the lens of its original form.

Sylvio is a melancholy gorilla allegory for the fate of Vine...

Plus, Ars shares what stood out from a festival that plays this alongside Terrence Malick.

Power Rangers film would’ve been better as a CW series

A phenomenal teen-acting ensemble gets screwed by feature-length aspirations, bad VFX.

How to get a Vulcan salute from Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan...

Or, how I agreed to review a space film and got a low-five from Jake Gyllenhaal.

It may sound like Alien and follow Arrival, but Life is...

Some fun, but this film won't fill sci-fi's newly emerging "Best Picture nominee" niche.

Photovoltaic ink could lead to easy solar panel manufacture

Easily scalable processing could make for rapid panel production.