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Teleportation is murder: Old trope gets new twist in The Punch...

Already optioned for film, this smart, hard sci-fi thriller checks off a lot of boxes.

Spectacular visuals, cheerfully silly tone rescue Valerian film

Bad ending, bad acting, but Besson nails that Fifth Element feeling, anyway.

Blue Ella review: Planar magnetic tech sounds great, but costs too...

Other headphones sound as good for less cash, while looking a lot less wacky too.

The science of Spectral: Is that really how Bose–Einstein condensate behaves?

An actual Bosendash;Einstein condensate scientist reviews Spectral's science. Plus a response from the film's director, Nic Mathieu.

George A Romero, master of the zombie horror, dies aged 77

Romero's Night of the Living Dead created a genre that continues to inspire filmmakers.

The first shiver-inducing trailer for A Wrinkle in Time is here

The dark, weird novel gets an adaptation that looks stunning and smart.

Jaunt takes Pride in virtual reality celebration

London Pride Festival captured in new Jaunt VR filmLONDON 14th July 2017 -- Jaunt Inc, the industry leader in cinematic virtual reality (VR) and in partnership with Visualise, today released Love Letter from London, a colourful nod to diversity in cinematic VR.

The neon feathered film flawlessly captured last weekendrsquo;s Pride Festival in London and was produced by an all-volunteer team inspired by Belong@Jaunt, Jauntrsquo;s diversity team.

The film includes interviews with British diver Tom... Source: RealWire

Bay Area: Join us tonight, 7/19, to discuss drone warfare

At Ars Live, whistleblower Lisa Ling will talk about troubles with military drones.

Risk, film review: Access all Assange areas, to incoherent effect

Over six years of filming, Laura Poitras follows the elusive and distant Wikileaks founder from a friend's Norfolk estate to his Ecuadorian Embassy bolt-hole.

New Netflix film Okja is sci-fi satire so sharp it will...

Bong Joon Ho is back with a dark, futuristic fairy tale about GMO pigs and corporate insanity.

Cash, drugs, and cannoli: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire reviewed

New board game from Eric Lang goes full-on gangsta.

Spider-Man Homecoming review: Having a blast with Peter Parker’s day off

This is the first action movie in years I would recommend anyone I know go see.