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Breaking the iris scanner locking Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is laughably easy

The “future standard for phone authenticationrdquo; is not ready for mainstream use.

Microsoft’s recent success in blocking in-the-wild attacks is eerily good

Company neutralizes a series of attacks that took control of targeted computers.

Snapchat’s new World Lenses filter reality with 3D objects

Filters aren't just for your face anymore.

VU#921560: Microsoft OLE URL Moniker improperly handles remotely-linked HTA data

Microsoft OLE uses the URL Moniker to open application data based on the server-provided MIME type,which can allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system.

37% off LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Deal Alert

Having a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter at hand provides access to clean, safe drinking water whenever needed.  Weighing only 2 oz. (54g), LifeStraw is the perfect water filter for hiking and camping. LifeStraw uses advanced 0.2 micron hollow fiber membrane technology.  This highly efficient method of filtration requires no chemicals, batteries, or moving parts and can be easily backflushed to clean the filter. Perfect for a vehicle or home emergency kit.  The LifeStraw averages 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 5,200 people (read reviews). Its typical list price of $20 has been reduced 37% to $12.50.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Business analysts: Go no-code with Microsoft PowerApps

There've been citizen developers as long as there've been computers.

Back at the start of my career, I wrote a filter modelling tool in QuickBasic after filing up sheets of paper with the math I needed for only one project.
If I'd been doing that a ...

VU#600671: PCAUSA Rawether for Windows local privilege escalation

PCAUSA's Rawether framework does not properly validate BPF data,allowing a crafted malicious BPF program to perform operations on memory outside of its typical bounds on the driver's receipt of network packets.

This vulnerability may be exploited to perform local privilege escalation on Windows systems.

31% off Luma 3-Piece Whole Home Mesh WiFi System – Deal...

Regardless of your home’s size or shape, these 3 powerful Luma devices work together to create an extremely fast, ultra-secure surround WiFi network that’s customized for your home. No more fiddling with extra WiFi extenders to manage dead spots and weak zones. Luma puts you in control. With a few simple taps, you can pause the internet, filter what your kids are looking at online, or set house rules for your network. Luma also secures your devices and neutralizes threats, keeping you in control of your network.

The Luma whole house WiFi system averages 4 out of 5 stars from over 1,100 people on Amazon (read recent reviews), where its typical list price of $399 has been reduced 31% to $275.95.
See this deal now on Amazon.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

​Now Google’s clever AI can tell you’re not a bot without...

You'll no longer need to confirm "I'm not a robot" with the latest version of Google's reCAPTCHA bot filter test.

Forget DMCA takedowns—RIAA wants ISPs to filter for pirated content

Demand comes as lawmakers are set to review US copyright laws.

More than just a new GT, the 2018 Lexus LC 500...

Its new flagship coupe comes as a roaring V8 or V6 hybrid.

Spam and phishing in 2016

2016 saw a variety of changes in spam flows, with the increase in the number of malicious mass mailings containing ransomware being the most significant.

These programs are readily available on the black market, and in 2017 the volume of malicious spam is unlikely to fall.