Thursday, January 18, 2018
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This language is wired for sound Usenix Enigma  HTML5 is a boon for unscrupulous web advertising networks, which can use the markup language's features to build up detailed fingerprints of individual netizens without their knowledge or consent.…
The big convertible also includes an IR camera and an optional fingerprint sensor.
The ThinkPad X1 Yoga picks up Windows Hello facial recognition and a webcam shutter.
The new biometric-powered contactless cards use fingerprint recognition to authenticate the cardholder, in an effort to cut down on in-store fraud.
The svelte $999 notebook has a new fingerprint sensor, too.
Majority believe security is the primary benefit of biometric authentication for online accountsFifty percent are looking forward to the technology helping them avoid remembering passwordsLondon, UK, 05 December 2017 – Nearly seven in 10 European...

Android commercial spyware

Therersquo;s certainly no shortage of commercial spying apps for Android, with most positioned as parental control tools.
In reality, however, these apps barely differ from spyware, with the exception perhaps of the installation method.
OnePlusrsquo; $500 wonder is on sale now.
OnePlus' $500 wonder makes us question why we'd ever pay $800 for a smartphone.
A modern design with flagship specs for $300 less than the competition? Sign us up.
The HP Elite x3 happens to be a pretty nice phone if you're into platforms with no future.
Apple says Face ID will still only have a one-in-a-million chance of failing.