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OnePlus 5 review—The best sub-$500 phone you can buy

Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM, and near-stock Android for $479? Sign us up.

Huawei goes after Apple’s MacBook with new thin-and-light Matebook X

A fingerprint sensor, extra USB Type-C port, and included dock help it stand out.

Acer debuts see-through trackpad gaming laptop and a slew of affordable...

The company's big annual event brought updated laptops for all.

Most groundwater is ancient but contains surprising human fingerprint

Tritium from atomic bombs detected in half of “fossil” aquifers.

Mastercard debuts a credit card with a fingerprint sensor to fight...

The fingerprint reader aims to target in-store fraud by reducing the need of PIN codes and signatures.

Mastercard launches card that replaces PIN with fingerprint sensor

Sweet MFA... but there's no documentation available for users Mastercard has unveiled its new biometric card which adds a fingerprint sensor to the chip as a replacement security measure to the four-digit PIN.…

The Xiaomi Mi 6 out-specs the Galaxy S8 for half the...

Xiaomi does its usual high-spec/low price package, and you still can't buy it here.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S8 fails the likability test

What happened? Samsung’s Galaxy S7, released last year, was a very nice smartphone: comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use.
It was Samsung’s best Galaxy model ever—not so much the new Galaxy S8, which goes on sale today and ships on April 20.The Galaxy S8 seems to suffer from the same disease afflicting Apple’s latest MacBooks: engineering navel-gazing leading the product design astray.[ Review: Samsung Dex brings Android to the desktop. | Android is now ready for real usage in the enterprise. Read InfoWorld’s in-depth guide on how to make Android a serious part of your business. | Get the best office suite and the 38 best business-worthy apps for your Android device. ] Poor ergonomics make using the Galaxy S8 a pain Take the new shape.
It’s taller, the fingerprint sensor is moved to the back, and both sides of the so-called Infinity display are curved.

These changes have unfortunate implications in everyday usage:To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Windows Hello: This bank wants you to log into your account...

Online banking customers will be able to log on with face or fingerprint using Windows Hello.

LG G6 review: LG’s “personal best” still can’t compare to Samsung

Recommending the G6 is hard when Samsung is building a better version of the same phone.

What you should really expect from Samsung’s facial recognition

Biometrics like fingerprint readers, iris scanners, and facial recognition are either the solution to passwords’ unmanageability or a fool’s-gold technology that will compromise us all.

Both and neither are true.The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 introduces facial recognition to unlock the smartphone, becoming the fourth unlock option for Samsung’s flagship device, in addition to fingerprint reading, iris scanning, and good ol’ manually entered passwords.

And mere days after its introduction, someone has already fooled the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition by showing the device a picture of the person.

That would be an easy way to unlock someone else’s phone without their permission. (An earlier Google facial-recognition technology in 2011’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich had the same flaw, by the way.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here