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The 5S is slower for sure, but it's still faster than the iPhone 5 on iOS 10.
The iPhone maker says its new face unlocking tech worked as intended.
Security pros discuss Apple's decision to swap fingerprint scanning for facial recognition technology in the latest iPhone.
The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus add wireless charging and a faster processor.
Awkward ergonomics means Face ID will never be faster than a fingerprint sensor.
Infosec researcher tells Ars new iOS update will “f-up border searches.”
Thinner, lighter, and with quad-core Intel CPUs starting at $649.
After a succession of middling phones, LG has finally made a desirable one.
ZenBook Flip 14 called "world's thinnest 2-in-1 with high-performance discrete graphics."
Samsung's newest flagship adds dual cameras and a slightly bigger screen.
Samsung's latest flagship launches soon!
At €600 (~£550) it's on the edge of valuemdash;but where's that beloved Nokia charm gone?