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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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OnePlusrsquo; $500 wonder is on sale now.
OnePlus' $500 wonder makes us question why we'd ever pay $800 for a smartphone.
A modern design with flagship specs for $300 less than the competition? Sign us up.
The HP Elite x3 happens to be a pretty nice phone if you're into platforms with no future.
Apple says Face ID will still only have a one-in-a-million chance of failing.
Unlike California taxi drivers, ride-hailing drivers don't have to be fingerprinted.
The 13 gets touch and 4K; the x360 a fingerprint reader and privacy screen.
The 2017 VirusBulletin conference is upon us and, as in previous years, wersquo;re taking the opportunity to dive into an exciting subject, guided by our experience from doing hands-on APT research.

This year we decided to put our heads together to understand the implications that the esoteric SIGINT practice of fourth-party collection could have on threat intelligence research.
Apple's Face ID has caused a stir -- but are biometrics really the best way to boost mobile security?
The 5S is slower for sure, but it's still faster than the iPhone 5 on iOS 10.
The iPhone maker says its new face unlocking tech worked as intended.
Security pros discuss Apple's decision to swap fingerprint scanning for facial recognition technology in the latest iPhone.