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Researchers watch publishers watching you, ignore privacy settings, run over mere HTTP Researchers working on browser fingerprinting found themselves distracted by a much more serious privacy breach: analytical scripts siphoning off masses of user inte...
Firefox is to stop using the privacy-busting canvas-based browser fingerprinting that allows websites to track users’ online activities.
The 2017 VirusBulletin conference is upon us and, as in previous years, wersquo;re taking the opportunity to dive into an exciting subject, guided by our experience from doing hands-on APT research.

This year we decided to put our heads together to understand the implications that the esoteric SIGINT practice of fourth-party collection could have on threat intelligence research.
The Facebook malware that spread last week was dissected in a collaboration with Kaspersky Lab and Detectify. We were able to get help from the involved companies and cloud services to quickly shut down parts of the attack to mitigate it as fast as possible.
Legislation, to be signed by Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott, paves way for some comebacks.
Device fingerprinting was used to prevent account fraud.
"Such Fourth Amendment intrusions are [not] justified based on the facts articulated."
The way Firefox caches intermediate CA certificates could allow for the fingerprinting of users and the leakage of browsing details, a researcher warns.
Online tracking gets more accurate and harder to evade.