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At the Security Analyst Summit this year in Cancun, FireEye's Marina Krotofil talks about the Triton malware, first disclosed in December 2017, that targets industrial control systems.
Security researchers at FireEye warn that Zyklon is using recent vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Office to make a comeback.
By combining big data and machine learning with its security tools, FireEye is looking to thwart more next-gen threats.
The time between an attacker compromising a secured network and the breach being detected is the highest in the APAC region, with the median 'dwell' time 73 days above the global median of 99 days.
The security firm's Asia Pacific CTO has warned against assuming cryptocurrency is secure or is safe from extortion if stored in a digital wallet.
In an advisory, security services firm FireEye warns that a nation-state appears to be infiltrating critical-infrastructure sites and developing ways to cause physical damage.
Attack will serve as a blueprint for future attacks on other industrial systems.
FireEye and ClearSky both warn that Iranian hackers are having a great deal of success in their operations, and the U.S. needs to track them more closely.
"We can say without releasing any details that greater damage was prevented."
At least the company found and cuffed an internal hacker FireEye won't reach profitability this calendar year: it posted a US$72.9 third-quarter net loss on revenue that grew 1.7 per cent to $189.6 million.…
The Microsoft.NET framework fails to properly parse WSDL content,which can allow a remote,unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system.