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North Korea tests missile in what may be step toward mobile...

Next up appears to be another nuclear test.

SpaceX may try a daring rocket fairing recovery tonight, too

SpaceX has also been working on a fairing 2.0, designed with recovery in mind

SpaceX launches, lands its “flight proven” rocket [Updated]

The flight is an "historic milestone on the road to full and rapid reusability."

The North Atlantic may get is first-ever named storm in March...

Oceans in the northern hemisphere are supposed to still be cold from the winter

The priest, the coder, the Bitcoin drug deals – and today’s...

What would Jesus do? Jump on Tor and blow cryptocurrency on blow, apparently A New Jersey pastor and a Florida software engineer were today found guilty of bribery, wire fraud, bank fraud, and fraud conspiracy.…

Stem cell clinic masquerading as legit research blinds three in Florida

Patients signed up after seeing clinical trial on govt. site, but didn’t enter a trial.

SpaceX will try again to launch, not land, a Falcon overnight

A heavy satellite sent to a high orbit means no fuel for a return.

Air Force: We have more drone pilot jobs than for any...


General: “I never thought I'd say that when I joined the Air Force.”

Gawker founder Nick Denton reflects on lawsuit that destroyed his company

Nick Denton also asks people to support Techdirt against the Ayyadurai libel lawsuit.

Senator Demands Answers About CloudPets Breach

A U.S. senator from Florida sent Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers a letter demanding answers about the recent CloudPets breach.

I am robot, here’s your pizza

Autonomous delivery robots hit the streets while drones face regulatory hurdles.

Subway releases data after scientists weigh in on 50% chicken test...

Scientists question test, CBC walks back a little, and chicken passes Subway’s tests.