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Florida GOP consultant admits he worked with Guccifer 2.0, analyzing hacked...

Voting models, other data were “worth millions,” consultant told Guccifer 2.0.

Research reveals underlying change in distribution role


England and St. Petersburg, Florida - 18 May 2017] Distribution is changing rapidly and, especially in Europe, is finding a new role as a provider of cloud services, e-commerce, specialist logistics and support for the channel during its trans...

7 Florida Men Charged in Global Tech Support Scheme

Federal fraud charges have been filed against seven men for their involvement in an international tech support scam.

The Air Force’s secretive spy plane returns after 718 days in...

The military isn't saying what the X-37B was doing up there for so long.

Not-so-secret DOD “spy drone” footage, live on the Internet

Is that a live video feed from a Predator on the Internet? Well, yes and no.

California may have found a creative new revenue stream—taxing rocket launches

The tax will be based upon "mileage" traveled by that spacecraft from California.

Don’t panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have...

No 5th Amendment protections against unlock demands A Florida state court has ruled that suspected crims can be forced to hand over their smartphone passcodes to cops and other investigators.…

SpaceX just provided views of a rocket landing all the way...

Because SpaceX couldn't show the whole launch, we got amazing views of the landing.

Watch live: SpaceX’s second attempt to launch its first spy satellite

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-76 satellite.

SpaceX looks to break into national security launch market on Sunday

Not much is known about the National Reconnaissance Observatory's NROL-76 satellite.

Miami sextortion case asks if a suspect be forced to decrypt...

Does the Fifth Amendment mean you don't have to hand over your password?