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Campo Santo cuts off association with "propagator of despicable garbage."
Dramatic new hypothesis could change the way we understand human history.
It's a cost-effective option for carbon management.
Harwell, Oxfordshire, 5th July, 2017.

By developing pioneering data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms, Rezatec is now able to produce powerful analytical insights for owners and managers of the worldrsquo;s forests.Rezatec analyses earth observation data and imagery to provide scalable, accurate and regularly updated forest landscape intelligence. Rezatec provides a level of insight into forest assets that is not achievable or cost effective using other land surveying techniques such as Lidar and ground-based data... Source: RealWire
For gaming, the iPhone sparked a gold rush and burst of creativity still felt today.
This film looks like a genuinely novel approach to the world established by Ridley Scott.
Outbreaks in Brazil are raging close to urban areas that could spark another big issue.
Ancient peoples discovered agriculture by cultivating trees in the Amazon.
Humans start fire when lightning wouldn't, making for a much longer risk season.
He says that Facebook is developing AI to create a global democracy—kind of.
"Sasquatch has made immeasurable contributions..."
It’s possible to get a sense of how forest species interact from aircraft.