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See how an entire scene bounces off Captain Phasma's armor at 24 frames per second.
Plus deals on a HP desktop with 32GB of RAM, Dell laptops, Kindles, and 4K TVs.
The camera automatically takes short clips when it sees something interesting.
1 flick = 1/705,600,000 of a second
The video makes common display tech concepts easy to grasp.
The new spec also standardizes variable refresh rate tech for gamers.
Disney also revealed a standalone ESPN streaming package is on the way in spring 2018.
Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA,more commonly WPA2)handshake traffic can be manipulated to induce nonce and session key reuse,resulting in key reinstallation by a wireless access point(AP)or client.

An attacker within range of an affected AP and client may leverage these vulnerabilities to conduct attacks that are dependent on the data confidentiality protocols being used.

Attacks may include arbitrary packet decryption and injection,TCP connection hijacking,HTTP content injection,or the replay of unicast and group-addressed frames.

These vulnerabilities are referred to as Key Reinstallation Attacks orKRACKattacks.