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Monday, November 20, 2017
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Increasing MA activities in German-speaking countries / Frankfurt the ideal location in Central EuropeHampleton Partners has been advising technology companies on mergers and acquisitions from their offices in London and San Francisco for years. Now t...
We know little about the Sports EV but we do know Honda needs to build it.
The remarks were made during a discussion of the future of the auto industry.
HotDocs, the global leader in document automation technology, is set to participate at Legal ®Evolution 2017 - the European LegalTech expo and congress - at Kap Europa in Frankfurt, 23-24 October.

The largest annual exposition and congress for lega...
Concepts and roadmaps are fine and well, but we need EVs now.
BMW says it will have 12 new battery EVs on sale by 2025.
1000hp, two seats, and a $2.7 million price tag.
VW will have an electric or plug-in version of every car it sells.
Putting the kidney grills on a massive face was always going to be tough.
It's supposed to be the purest expression of driving fun.
Ten years after the Mini E, the company is ready to try again.
An all-new chassis cuts weight, and the engine gets a power bump.