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Tech demo shows Scorpio’s superior graphics at both 4K and 1080p

The much more powerful GPU enables better textures, better models, and better anti-aliasing.

Steam Link Is 18% Off – Mirror Your Gaming Setup to...

The Steam Link allows existing Steam gamers to expand the range of their current gaming set up via their home network. Just connect your Steam PC or Steam Machine to your home network, plug into a TV, and stream your games to the Link at 1080p.
Video and audio data is sent from your computer to the Steam Link, while your controller input is sent back in real time.
Virtually every game that your computer runs can be played on your TV. Steam Controller, Xbox One USB wired, Xbox 360 USB wired, Xbox 360 wireless, PS4, PS3 wired and Wii-U Pro controllers are compatible, as are many third-party Xbox controllers.
Steam Link's typical price is $50, but right now you can get it on Amazon for just $41.
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20% off AIRFREE HD Indoor Antenna 50 Miles Range, USB Power...

Cut the cable and get access to your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs, educational programs and more for free.

Enjoy crystal clear HDTV shows in 1080p.

The antenna boasts a 50-mile range, and a generous 10-foot cable gives you ...

23% off HDMI Cloner Box for Gaming or HD Video Stream...

Here's a device any gamer or video enthusiast may want to have on hand.

Connect a game console, DVD, or any video source to this gadget via its HDMI input, and with the push of a button it captures and saves the video stream to any attached USB flas...

50% off BioShock: The Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One...

Return to the cities of Rapture and Columbia and experience the award-winning BioShock franchise like never before, beautifully remastered in 1080p.

The collection is currently discounted 50%.

Dealmaster: Get $10 when you sign up for a 30-day Amazon...

$10 in Amazon money for trying out its music platform! What a deal.

Blizzard hints Nintendo Switch may not be powerful enough for Overwatch

But producer says he's still "open-minded" about a port.

Planet Earth II is “need a new TV” propaganda—if you get...

How do you feel about lemur eyes so pristine and bright, they stare into your soul?

Review: The $229 Moto G5 Plus stands as the king of...

Downgraded camera and questionable update policy tarnish another solid upgrade.

16% off AVerCapture HD 1080p Game Stream Video Capture Device –...

AVerCapture HD is a USB capture card that can record and stream Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, WiiU or PC gameplay up to full HD 1080p with HDMI and component input.
It features built in H.264 hardware encoder for ultra-low latency to perfectly synchronize gameplay and voice commentary.

AVerCapture HD requires less CPU processing power and generates smaller MP4/H.264 format files in full HD 1080p, resulting in a faster processing and post-editing experience. With the TimeShift function, never miss out on the epic moment by simply click-and-drag to record retroactively.

Time Shift function is available within 1 hour buffer. AVerMedia RECentral (Included) software provides intuitive settings for live streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Ustream and etc, directly from your own account.

The typical list price has been reduced 16% on Amazon to $90.99.
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Dealmaster: Get a 4K Dell Inspiron 15 7000 gaming notebook for...

Plus deals on games, consoles, smart TVs, and more.

Nintendo Switch review: Meet the Game Boy Entertainment System

Hybrid system merges an amazing portable experience with a middling TV console.