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Lytro seems to be at the end of the line, and Google is grabbing it at a bargain.
Nobody can deny that artificial intelligence (or machine learning, deep learning, or cognitive computing) is booming these days.

And—as before, as this is in fact the second round for AI—the hype is almost unlimited.

But there are serious problems, ...
Google wants its customers to know that it's emphasizing products that protect an organization's sensitive data and assets.
Users will stop trusting you, warns researcher Many high profile UK sites still use Symantec certificates just days before Google will begin the process of dropping support for them with the next and upcoming releases of its Chrome browser.…
Alphabet's Jigsaw unit has released a new VPN service for news organizations to protect writers from prying eyes.
Google has introduced a broad array of security enhancements for its cloud platform to help assure enterprises that they can move critical data and applications to the cloud with confidence.
Chrome OS 66 to protect older Intel units, still working on ARM Older Chromebook owners should keep an eye open for Chrome OS updates, bcause Google's announced they'll get Meltdown protection soon.…
Google Play Instant can launch a demo instantly on Android, with no install process.
Fewer traditional links on page one means mobile marketers must target Google’s universal search boxes including videos, knowledge graphs, direct answers and app suggestionsSan Mateo, March 20, 2018 ‒ Online marketers seeking to follow thei...
A study that was conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by IBM Resilient and found that 77 percent of respondents admit they do not have a formal cyber security incident response plan.

About half of the 2,800 respondents reported that they did...
Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint ship and update the S8 to Oreo.
DAILY VIDEO: The U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking the power grid, and Google enhances security management features in Chrome Enterprise.