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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Looking back at a year like 2017 brings the internal conflict of being a security researcher into full view: on the one hand, each new event is an exciting new research avenue for us, as what were once theoretical problems find palpable expression in reality. On the other hand, as people with a heightened concern for the security posture of users at large, each event is a bigger catastrophe.
Bug hunters are educated, young, looking for challengemdash;and cash to feed security habit.
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley is probing Google's business practices.
Casting gets a little easier for Android users who get their tunes from Amazon.
First Volvo, then Lotus, now... flying cars?
Accessibility APIs offer powerful controls to apps, but Google says “no more.”
Phishing remains the biggest account takeover threat to Google users, surpassing keyloggers and credential leaks.
Measure would prevent feature designed for aiding disabled users from being abused by malicious apps -- but could force changes for popular apps, too.
If you run a website with user accounts, take a look at this research, ta Google has teamed up with computer scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, to find out how exactly hijackers take over its users' accounts.…
Changes to Google Chrome aim to prevent users from being redirected to unexpected websites and unwanted content.
A new age-restriction policy should keep these videos away from young viewers.