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AMD is now making microcode patches available to help mitigate Spectre vulnerabilities, as Google reveals how it has worked to mitigate the performance impact.
Researchers identified 60 apps on Google Play infected with AdultSwine malware that in some cases displayed graphic adult-themed ads on apps intended for children.
Videos with the top ads will be examined by human moderators and AI software.
Google’s Play Store fails again Researchers have found a batch of over 60 malware-carrying apps in Google's Play Store designed to rob mobile users or show them pornography, all with a kid-friendly theme.…
Google wants the whole industry to adopt its Retpoline fixes for Variant 2 of the Meltdown-Spectre bugs.
Diversity advocate says he was told to "avoid posting on controversial topics."
People once made requests for hybrid cloud because of the perception of flexibility. Now they make multicloud requests, for the same reasons. Multicloud is just part of a cloud architecture that uses more than two clouds, private and/or public. Howe...
It’ll use the Signal protocol, also used in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others.
After nearly two weeks, YouTube removes Logan Paul from Google Preferred.
Researchers find nearly 150 vulnerabilities in SCADA mobile apps downloadable from Google Play.
Event delivers speakers and visionaries from University of Oxford, Google, Facebook, Vodafone, Statoil and MoreLondon, UK – 11 January 2018 – UNLEASH, the largest Corporate Network focused on the interface between people, technology and org...
DAILY VIDEO: Intel's CEO addresses the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws at CES 2018; Microsoft tweaks its Edge browser in wake of the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws; a former employee sues Google claiming discrimination against white men; and there's more.