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In March 2018, Japanese media reported the hijacking of DNS settings on routers located in Japan, redirecting users to malicious IP addresses.

The redirection led to the installation of Trojanized applications named facebook.apk and chrome.apk that contained Android Trojan-Banker.

During our research we received some invaluable information about the true scale of this attack, we decided to call it ‘Roaming Mantisrsquo;.
The federal government is meeting with US counterparts and a handful of tech heavyweights to advance Australia's cyber capabilities, sending also 60 cybersecurity-focused individuals to the RSA Conference to show off local talent.
LA city councilman: “That’s not good corporate citizenship.“
Is never a good time to get vulnerability fixes? Never is OK with you? Cool, never it is Let's nail this once and for all: Too many Android smartphone makers simply aren't rolling out Google's security bug fixes for the mobile operating system.…
Googlersquo;s developer blog leaks iPhone X-style navigation gestures.
Google researchers try to replicate the “cocktail party effectrdquo; for computers.
Set expiration dates and password requirements on your sensitive emails.
Study into missed security updates casts doubt on Google's Android patch level system.
Facebook gave $200K, but will stop fighting CA law to restrict sale of user data.
Add-ons let you use Google Calendar while writing emails? Genius!
Activist: "US law requires Facebook to help the NSAhellip; and EU law prohibits just that."
Open source is everywhere, and is quickly becoming the new norm for how companies approach software development. Here, we take at a look at some of the open source projects on GitHub created by Google that can help make life easier for IT teams in orga...