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"Itrsquo;s more than a shot over the bow, itrsquo;s a shot into the hull of the ship."
The cloud benefits of elasticity, scalability, and nimbleness were tailor-made for some of the massive and intermittent IT projects of the US government.
Two-thirds of NYC homes have only one or two broadband options, city report says.
The Victorian government has asked for privacy safeguards and further clarification on who can access Australia's Face Identification Service before the Bill is set in stone.
Paid prioritization would be like TSA Precheckmdash;and that's what Republicans want.
It's a critical time for social media platforms and the government agencies and private businesses and individuals using them.
Home Office admits national and local databases don't talk to each other, so everything is manual The UK government has admitted it can only delete custody images from its massive database through a complex manual process, and that it would cost too mu...
Chinese OEMrsquo;s export ban also means the US will have to wait for Android Go.
NEWS ANALYSIS: A massive Russian-sponsored cyber-attack campaign is targeting routers, switches and other infrastructure devices to enable man-in-the-middle, espionage, hijacking and other attacks, according to U.S. and UK cyber-security authorities.
75% agree that corporate fundraising is becoming more important to the local community, yet nearly 60% supported between just one and five good causes in the last year, largely due to administrative overheadNewbury, 18th April 2018 – Not-for-prof...
Microsoft president Brad Smith at RSAC 2018 said more than 30 companies will oppose government cyberattacks on "innocent civilians."