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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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ATT and DOJ "discussing merger conditions" that would let deal go forward.
Just over a month into the review of the country's HPOS system, the Australian government has called for public consultation.
ATT sued Louisville over pole attachment rule, but judge says rule is valid.
Russian official cites "strict regime" for combatting extremism online.
FCC hasn't shown proof that it was attacked, Democrats say in call for probe.
The Australian government has opposed a probe into the recurring failure of its digital initiatives, labelling it a waste of time and money.
Yes, Kaspersky Lab works with government law enforcement agencies, just like American ones do.

The company denies any wrongdoing with its work with Russia's government.
Shaun Bridges, who already was given 71 months in prison, awaits a new sentence.
Itrsquo;s “first known time ISIS had given money to someone in the US for an attack.”
Filings argue support for convicted robberrsquo;s position in Carpenter v. United States.
DreamHost said the warrant is "a clear abuse of government authority."
The 150MW plant will be completed by 2020, SA government says.