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The Cyber Security Best Practice Guide offers 'three quick steps to serenity' for small business operators to understand the risks and how to prevent cyber attacks.
The Australian Privacy Foundation wants the government to develop security controls around sharing open data and provide the agency charged with investigating data misuse with 'adequate' resources.
This is SpaceX's third classified mission, and arguably its most secretive flight.
Instead, the law ministry proposes the setting up of a government committee to assess the impact of "online falsehoods" in the country and how it should respond.
DAILY VIDEO: DMARC email security adoption grows in the U.S. government; Microsoft is selling Surface Pro with LTE Advanced to consumers; data privacy and security top Microsoft's hot button tech issues in 2018; and there's more.
All eyes in the solar industry on Trump for tariff rules.
Fort Collins plans universal broadband, net neutrality, and gigabit speeds.
Four years ago Brit taxpayers spent £65m doing her up The flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS Ocean, has been sold to Brazil for £84m, the South American country’s government has confirmed.…
Critical protocol for helping to secure the integrity of email is being rolled out by the government. Will wider enterprise adoption follow?
This flight will clear the way for the much anticipated Falcon Heavy flight.
Singapore government has been opening up user data access to ease information exchange and business transactions, but it should observe some caution as major organisations continue to slip up over security.
The government says its rules are to protect security and stability, but some say they are repressive.