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Dealmaster: Get a Dell XPS tower PC with a Core i7...

Plus deals on laptops, TVs, routers, dash cams, and more.

AMD Vega FE reviews disappoint fans with humdrum gaming performance

Vega FE sits between GTX 1070 and 1080 in games, but beats Titan Xp in some pro apps.

HP grows Omen line with new gaming laptops, VR backpack PC,...

Are you ready for a compact desktop that doubles as a wearable VR machine?

Nvidia Max-Q laptops: Impressively thin, but industrial design needs work

Asus Zephyrus has an innovative cooling system, but the keyboard is hilariously bad.

Nvidia Max-Q wants to make gaming laptops thinner, lighter, less fugly

Max-Q is kind of like Intel's Ultrabooks, but for gaming. No word on price, battery life.

This is what emulated Breath of the Wild looks like at...

CEMU emulator upscales the Wii U version on a PC very nicely.

Nvidia stops promotional game resales by tying codes to hardware

GeForce Experience performs "a hardware verification step" to stop resold codes.