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ROCCO’s independent survey of 170 Mobile Network Operators (MNO) places Anam’s ASSURE solution at the top.Anam’s ASSURE solution has shot into a leading position in a survey of MNO opinions on A2P SMS Firewall vendors, as well as earning a coveted Tier 1 supplier status. The comprehensive study asked MNOs to rate 16 leading vendors on 40+ KPIs across multiple aspects of the solution including Business Understanding, Technological Capability, Performance, Reporting and Leadership. Anam’s solution scored consistently high on all KPIs earning itself a prestigious Tier #1 status. Anam Technologies Tier 1 Supplier Commenting on the report findings, Anam CCO, Brian D’Arcy said that “Anam’s A2P monetisation services reflect close linkage and understanding of the Mobile Operator position. This is a highly complex ecosystem with varied agendas and objectives. Achieving early and incremental revenue gains on Grey Route traffic for the operator is Anam’s concern and the intelligent reporting element of our solution is essential for dynamic A2P traffic monitoring and anomaly detection”. Already an acknowledged heavyweight in terms of SMS technology, Anam invented and owns the patent for Home Routing – a technique fundamental to SMS firewalls. The company has focused on building its A2P business and analytical capability to leverage the Mobile Operators filtering capability. “SMS Firewall is of critical importance to MNOs in monetising SMS revenues and only Vendors who are really specialist in this field have the competence to stay ahead of the requirements and provide optimal solutions” said Jason Bryan CEO of ROCCO. “In ROCCO we support MNOs with useful specific research and it’s always a pleasure to understand from MNO’s which vendors really make them happy, especially to get such great feedback as Anam have which suggests a lot of positive support for what the company is doing. Congratulations to Anam on this achievement.” About AnamAnam is the fastest growing independent SMS Firewall and A2P Monetisation service provider in the world, filtering billions of messages for Mobile Operators in over 60 countries. Anam’s team of Industry leading A2P consultants leverage firewall technology to enable Mobile Operators to generate new revenues from A2P SMS traffic on their networks whilst also eliminating SMS SPAM. The company’s offering has generated incremental revenues in excess of $2million per annum for every 1 million subscribers. On the network signalling side, Anam’s Managed Signaling Firewall protects the mobile network from the well publicised attacks arriving over the global SS7 & Diameter networks. This same technology serves as a monetization platform for a variety of location based & mobile identity services. Anam owns the worldwide patent for Home Routing (EP 1683375 B1), a technique invented in 2006 and fundamental to SMS Firewalls. Anam is hosting the GSMA WAS#4 meeting in Dublin from October 31 – Nov 3rd, 2016. The event, which has already reached the 1000 delegate capacity, focuses on International business needs of Mobile Operators. Anam is headquartered out of Dublin with an Asia hub in Kuala Lumpur and further worldwide presence in London, Hong Kong and Hanoi. www.anam.com ContactAnam: Mary Therese Fitzpatrick, Director of Marketing; Anam Technologies Limited; email: mary-therese.fitzpatrick@anam.com; Mobile: +353.87.2497543 About ROCCOROCCO is the 100% neutral Research, Strategy and Education Company based in the UK. For 3.5 years we have providing research into Roaming and Interconnect Vendors on behalf of Mobile Network Operators interested in making the right Vendor decisions as well as on all kinds of hot topics that interest them. Over 500 MNOs contribute to our research annually.
Vietnamese airports hacked by propaganda-spouting ninnies Flight information screens at Vietnam's two main airports were hacked over the weekend to spout pro-Chinese propaganda. AP reported that the public address system of Hanoi's Noi Bai airport and the Tan Son Nhat airport, which serves Ho Chi Minh City, were also hacked on Friday evening. The hackers used the systems to make digs against Vietnam and the Philippines over a long-running territorial dispute against China involving disputed regions of the South China Sea.

Authorities took the hacked systems offline. Vietnam Airlines was also hacked (most likely defaced) around the same time, according to local reports. Vietnamese transport minister Nguyen Nhat played down the significance of the attacks by saying neither the security of the airport nor its air traffic control systems was affected, according to local news outlet VnExpress. From a technical perspective what happened in Vietnam is not that different to incidents where US traffic signs have been defaced by prankster hackers to warn of a looming zombie apocalypse. Weak passwords, insufficient or no encryption and a lack of network segmentation are probably behind the Vietnamese pwnage, El Reg's security desk would venture to suggest.

Audio announcement systems can also be vulnerable. For example, three years ago pranksters managed to hack a TV emergency alert system in Montana to broadcast an on-air audio warning about the supposed start of a zombie apocalypse. ® Sponsored: Global DDoS threat landscape report