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Deadline to reply for upper-stage engine RFI came on Friday.
Google's first AR project is dying to make way for its second AR project.
The app is crashing on startup for many users.
How will creatives and pros put those specs to good use?
Plus deals on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Sonos speakers, and several Dell laptops.
The flaw was privately disclosed to the device maker in June, but six months later, there's still no patch.
From version 12 onward, ME-equipped chips will defend against patch rollbacks Intel's Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake x86 processors can be fortified by computer manufacturers to prevent in hardware attempts to downgrade, exploit and potentially neuter Chi...
Back when Microsoft first launched Azure’s virtual machines, there were only a handful of default server sizes you could use.

The question you had to ask yourself then was a simple one: Is there a server that can support my workload? But now there’s...
Googlersquo;s first ARCore app launches, but yoursquo;ll need a Pixel phone and Android 8.1.
Researcher finds logger, turned off by default, could be turned on with a registry change.
Google's biggest speaker is shipping right now at Best Buy and Verizon.