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Everywhere I turn these days, someone is touting Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and programming them with OpenCL.
I hear it from the two leaders in the field, Intel/Altera and Xilinx.
If both leaders are in agreement, I felt I had to dive in...
Critical flaws are revealed by security researchers that impact most modern CPUs. Patches are now available, though some experts warn that new hardware might be needed.
The svelte $999 notebook has a new fingerprint sensor, too.
CPU hardware implementations are vulnerable to cache side-channel attacks.

These vulnerabilities are referred to as Meltdown and Spectre.

RIP Kinect: 2010-2017(ish)

Discontinued USB adapter is the last nail in the coffin for influential tech.
But you'll only ask it to control entertainment devices and services.
PocketEPC complete mobile core available as a Snap via the LimeNET Ubuntu App Store Camberley, 3rd January 2018 – Quortus and Lime Microsystems today announced the availability of PocketEPC – a complete cellular core network realized as an ...
Who made VR's best stuff in 2017mdash;and why wasn't it Valve or Oculus? Plus, 2018 predictions.
Let’s face facts: We often look at cloud computing as a single place to put our workloads and our data, where magic pixy dust takes care of what’s needed.

But today we increasingly understand that the reality of the cloud—like the datacenter before ...
Happy 25th birthday, SML2! Thanks to DMCA worries, fans should probably grab this ASAP.
Bit by bit, the PC world is continuing to drop its legacy support.
And the built-in protection against this technique doesnrsquo;t work on all hardware.