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Did warming projections just get blown up? No. No they did not.

10 Security Product Flaw Scares

CCleaner compromise puts the crown on several years' worth of headlines about cybersecurity product weaknesses.
Look Microsoft, we'll stop these headlines when your stuff stops getting pwned While much of the tech world is still fixating on Apple's $1,000 face-reading iPhone, administrators are going to be busy testing and deploying this month's Patch Tuesday load.…
Bringing a Siri watch face, workout motivation prompts, and more to the watch.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is clearly making inroads in all facets of our societymdash;how we work, live, play, work and plan for the future. Yet itrsquo;s reaching a critical juncture, splitting into two paths with very different goals and possibilities.

The question is, which one is most likely to dominate in the near future?The most recognized type of AI, which is grabbing headlines and capturing the attentionmdash;and often concernsmdash;of luminaries like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawkingmdash;is what has been dubbed “pure AIrdquo; or “open AI.” The goal of this approach is to create a robot that is as a human-like as possiblemdash;a system that looks, speaks and even reacts like people. You can find it often in the consumer realm, engaging with people.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
These arenrsquo;t your run-of-the-mill Aston Martins.
Teen takes ocean dip, becomes buffet lunch for gang of scavenging crustaceans.
Whether yoursquo;re integrating with Alexa or adding voice capabilities to native apps, virtual assistants are becoming a staple of the modern customer experience. With a projected 35.6 million people using voice-activated assistants at least once a month this year, companies are itching to get a piece of the voice market.Unsurprisingly, this new wave of innovation comes with some lofty expectations. You typically donrsquo;t hear about virtual assistants that work perfectly, because meeting expectations doesnrsquo;t make headlines.

But when yoursquo;re bot falls short, thatrsquo;s when people start listening.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Despite two large cyber attacks making headlines in the first six months of 2017, the security firm is still finding cybersecurity responsibility lies solely with the underfunded IT team.
Larry Dignan, editor in chief at ZDNet, dissects the week's headlines on DisrupTV.
“We request that you hold on submitting any data,” commission tells states.
Christian activists running the company wanted artifacts from the “Biblical era.”