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Itrsquo;s unusually good at lurking in hospitals, resisting drugs, and killing vulnerable patients.
Whenever someone asks me to explain devops, I always start with the same story.
It isnrsquo;t the usual story about time and money.
Itrsquo;s about people.I used to work on two web applications at a large healthcare organization.

Technically speaking, there wasnrsquo;t a whole lot of difference between them: back-end services, a couple supporting Windows microservices, same data center. Pretty standard.But on deployment Thursdays, the two couldnrsquo;t have been more different.One side of the house had invested heavily in automation.

They had everything under source control.

The entire deployment process was planned, scripted and logged. Our weekly deployment calls took a quick five minutes to sign off.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Healthcare providers, manufacturers, and regulators say cybersecurity risks of IoT medical devices and connected legacy systems a top concern.
The bacteria are often drug resistant and were found in some products for kids.
Washington D.C, August 2017: Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), the only hospital system in Ontario, Canada, providing specialty care to people throughout the entire life cycle, from pre-birth to old age, have chosen to strategically partner with Axios Sy...
One of the fastest growing and most discussed segments in technology today is artificial intelligence (AI).

The exponential increase in computing power in the last few decades enabled an explosion in machine learning and deep learning development across industries, and compute architectures that start to look and function like a human brain.

To accomplish this, we need three things: large data sets to process and learn from; compute power and neural networks to process those large data sets; and personalization through algorithms that learn and adjust quickly and accordingly.AI will transform the world and will touch almost every industry.
In healthcare, for example, Penn Medicine developed a predictive solution using machine learning and AI approaches to address heart failure. Using a data science detection algorithm, Penn Medicine has said theyrsquo;ve identified ~20 percent more patients in their hospitals who could benefit from heart failure prevention services*.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Electricity, transport, water, energy, transport and healthcare providers could be fined millions under proposals for boosting cyber security and network resilience.
If patients are to be 'put at the centre of their healthcare', they need to be put at the centre of their health data.
GL Scientific Inc, a leading provider of Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs consulting to the healthcare industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Jodi Coates as Vice President of Resource Management.With more than 15 yearsrsquo; experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arenas, Jodi brings broad experience and understanding of recruiting in this domain - including 3 years recruiting for the NHS in North West London, more than 10 years working in the niche area... Source: RealWire
IT executives, however, increasingly believe they are "completely ready" to withstand a cybersecurity attack on their healthcare system.
Today is a big day, one of those “once-in-a-careerrdquo; kind of days.

Around the world, Intel launched the all-new Intelreg; Xeonreg; Scalable platform, our highest-performance, most versatile data center platform ever. Wersquo;ve been asked if this is really the biggest data center advancement in the industry in a decade, as we like to call it, and let me tell you that it most certainly is.Digital transformation is accelerating.

Every industry – transportation, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, professional services, even farming – is improving and streamlining through digital change. Highly adaptable, software-defined, on- or off-premise clouds are replacing fixed-function infrastructure.

Data that would have been stored in the equivalent of digital shoe boxes, never to be seen again, is now activated with powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), revealing new insights and opportunities.

Autonomous vehicles will require teraflops of compute power every hour they are on the road, air or water. No matter the game, it is being changed.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
During an impromptu Facebook Live interview, Zuck said therersquo;s no doomsday coming.