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Politians are calling for legal ramifications for Facebook on the heels of the data privacy scandal that rocked the social media giant this week.
Recapturing the childish fun of just building something.
Rumors of a lower-cost iPad and an updated MacBook Air abound.
Despite being filled with Oracle veterans, Salesforce.com can’t seem to stop flirting with rival databases, with reports surfacing that the SaaS vendor has made “significant progress” to move away from Oracle with its own homegrown database.

This co...
Every year, vast numbers of people around the globe relish the delightful prospect of filling out tax returns, applying for tax refunds, etc.

Given that tax authorities and their taxpayers are moving online, it's no surprise to find cybercriminals hard on their heels.
The theft at India's City Union Bank comes on the heels of news that attackers stole $6 million from a Russian bank via SWIFT network last year.
Trump administration statement comes on the heels of UK government calling out Russia for the cyberattacks that spread through Europe and elsewhere.
It wasn't the most exciting North American International Auto Show on record.
SM-3 Block IIA missiles will be part of a shore-based Aegis missile defense.
The bill reads like a computer security expertrsquo;s wish list.
Prof asks: “Wersquo;re wondering if this is the best use of a billion dollars?”
Exclusive: Strange statistics, lack of collaborators, and ethical questions remain unaddressed.