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Revenues and reputation have taken a hit in the wake of the US Department of Homeland Security's decision to prohibit use of its products and services by the feds, the company says.
Govt also worried about IPv6's impact on online security The US Department of Commerce (DoC) and Department of Homeland Security have put out a draft cybersecurity report that recommends, among other things, that the American government fund a public a...
The US Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security identify the challenges of, and potential actions against, automated cyberattacks.
DHS 'fesses up 8 months after finding ex-staffer had copy of investigations database More than 240,000 current and former employees of the US Department of Homeland Security have had their personal details exposed in a data breach.…
A database used by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General has been confirmed as breached, affecting 247,167 current and former employees and individuals associated with the department's previous investigations.
There's not a lot of remaining leverage on North Korea to change its cyber-behavior.
In a White House press briefing, Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert attributed the WannaCry ransomware attack to North Korea and explained why the U.S. government still holds on to approximately 10 percent of all the vulnerabilities it discovers.
The Russian security firm claims it did not receive due process and the US government relied on rumours.
“It failed to satisfy even the minimum standards of due process.”
Block would happen in the event advertisers canrsquo;t curb malicious ads on their own.
Fallchill file-stealing malware raids American networks The FBI and US Homeland Security have issued an alert about a new strain of malware infecting American corporate systems and stealing sensitive data.…
As Homeland Security hacks 757 on the tarmac At least some commercial aircraft are vulnerable to wireless hacking, a US Department of Homeland Security official has admitted.…