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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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"The border doctrine does not say that the Constitution doesn't exist at the border."
Federal agencies have 90 days to remove Kaspersky Lab software from their systems.
Government departments have 90 days to rip and replace Despite pending legislation to ban US federal government offices from using Kaspersky Lab security software, Homeland Security has issued a Binding Operational Directive demanding that the products be removed within 90 days.…
Kaspersky: We have “never helped, nor will help, any government with cyberespionage.”
Within 90 days, federal agencies must find all instances of Kaspersky Lab products on their net-works and remove them, according to the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security.
Drug was intended for untreatable cancer pain; she had back pain and died of the drug.
Letter adds that, even when yoursquo;re targeted via stingray, you can still call 911.
Staropoli lasts just under nine Mooches The chief information officer of America's Department of Homeland Security has become the latest Trump administration appointee to resign.…
Exploits affecting Windows 7-based CT, SPECT, PET scanners are publicly available.
Tom Bossert gave up personal e-mail in response to fake Kushner dinner invite.
Fscking nerds, Secretary John Kelly sighs Flying into America? Don't worry about that crackdown on laptops and similar gear in your carry-on luggage.
It's no longer happening. No, instead, the US has something else up its sleeve.…
Hire American? Businesses can use H-2B visas if they claim "irreparable harm."