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IT threat evolution Q1 2017. Statistics

According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab solutions detected and repelled 479,528,279 malicious attacks from online resources located in 190 countries all over the world.

File antivirus detected a total of 174,989,956 unique malicious and potentially unwanted objects.

Cosmic rays suggest dark matter is a self-annihilating WIMP

Two papers analyze new precision data from the AMS-02 instrument on the ISS.

WannaCry ransomware used in widespread attacks all over the world

Earlier today, our products detected and successfully blocked a large number of ransomware attacks around the world.
In these attacks, data is encrypted with the extension “.WCRYrdquo; added to the filenames. Our analysis indicates the attack, dubbed “WannaCryrdquo;, is initiated through an SMBv2 remote code execution in Microsoft Windows.

Vanilla Forums Software Vulnerable to RCE, Host Header Injection Vulnerability

Vanilla Forums software suffers from vulnerabilities that could let an attacker gain access to user accounts, carry out web-cache poisoning attacks, and in some instances, execute arbitrary code.

Astronomers find water in the atmosphere of a warm, Neptune-sized planet

It’s hot enough that its clouds could be composed of zinc sulfide.

How the Space Pope is helping to find real exoplanets by...

Project Discovery's latest citizen science experiment goes from proteins to exoplanets.

YouTube taps creators, celebrities for new original shows on ad-supported site

Fitness with Kevin Hart, behind-the-scenes with Ellen, and more.

HackerOne rejects stalker software FlexiSpy bug bounty program

The platform says that it simply isn't right to host a system which stalks kids and spouses.

YouTube channel tries swapping hosts, gets caught by 1 million subscribers

“You guys are watching me like I’m Ramsay Bolton in Winterfell.”

You only need 60 bytes to hose Linux’s rpcbind

Sigh ... people just leave it on without blocking the port world+dog knows it uses.
So patch it or close it, people A 60 byte payload sent to a UDP socket to the rpcbind service can crash its host by filling up the target's memory.…

Xen hypervisor faces third highly critical VM escape bug in 10...

The Xen Project has fixed three vulnerabilities in its widely used hypervisor that could allow operating systems running inside virtual machines to access the memory of the host systems, breaking the critical security layer among them.Two of the pat...