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#HackTor: Tor Opens up its Bug Bounty Program

The popular identity-cloaking service has expanded its private, invite-only vulnerability discovery program to an open one via HackerOne.

Tor network will pay you to hack it through new bug...

Tor wants to find bugs which could compromise the identity of its users.

CNN implied threat against redditor over Trump-CNN GIF ignites Internet

After extracting apology from “HanAs**holeSolordquo;, CNN reserves right to expose him.

It’s an important ID, so why isn’t the Medicare card chipped?

Vulture South talks to Lockstep's Steve Wilson about privacy, identity, and loose APIs Australia's Medicare data leak certainly won't be the last such, so why are so many expressions of digital identity so badly protected?…

Medicare data leaks, but who was breached?

We care about your privacy... Medicare numbers in Australia became a lot less useful as a proof-of-identity, with the Australian Federal Police investigating how an unknown number of records ended up for sale on a Tor site.…

Windows 10 will restrict data access to authorized apps to combat...

But how to protect files from users who have access to those files remains tricky.

Typical UK bank will waste £10m annually on inefficient KYC checks...

Report from Consult Hyperion estimates manual KYC checks cost the average bank £47m a year and are set to soar with the introduction of AMLD4 and AMLD5 Government-backed eID schemes, offered as a solution to AMLD5, wonrsquo;t be available to the banking sector for years Report recommends mobile identity verification technology to bridge the gap between manual checks and electronic identitiesCopenhagen, Denmark, 26th June 2017 – With the deadline today for full implementation of the... Source: RealWire

Tempered Networks Brings Identity Defined Networking to PCI-DSS

Host Identity Protocol based Identity Defined Network approach gets additional capabilities to help enable PCI-DSS compliance.

Tempered Networks Brings Identity-Defined Networking to PCI DSS

The Host Identity Protocol-based Identity-Defined Network approach gets additional capabilities to help enable PCI DSS compliance.

Research: Signicat finds that Europe is “nearly there” with fully digital...

European eID schemes provide 69% of ID information needed to digitally apply for financial services3 European eID schemes provide all the necessary information Digital Identity Service Providers (DISP) are the key to bridging the gapOslo, Norway, 22 June 2017 – New research launched today by Signicat, the worldrsquo;s first and largest identity assurance provider, shows that through electronic identity (eID) schemes in Europe, consumers are closer to being able to apply for financial services 100%... Source: RealWire

JVM may get upgrade to support today’s multicore processors

Oracle is proposing an update to the Java Virtual Machine to allow for direct-value class types, a modernization required by the advent of multicore processors. There is no schedule for when the changes might appear in the JVM.The changes to the JVM specification would support a prototype of value classes—classes for which primitive-like non-reference value instances can be created and acted upon. “The proposals for value types in Java are about giving developers the alternative to give up identity and polymorphism so that the runtime can represent the underlying data in a way which is both far more compact and much better suited for processing in bulk operations,” said Georges Saab, Oracle’s vice president of software development in the Java platform group.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Ztorg: from rooting to SMS

Irsquo;ve been monitoring Google Play Store for new Ztorg Trojans since September 2016, and have so far found several dozen new malicious apps.

All of them were rooting malware that used exploits to gain root rights on the infected device.
In May 2017, a new Ztorg variant appeared on the Google Play Store – only this this time it wasnrsquo;t a rooting malware but a Trojan-SMS.