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Workplace productivity tools have come a long way in helping teams communicate and operate, but the basics from the last 20 years remain the same: a good old keyboard and a chat tool.

Back in the old days, IT and ops teams used to manage incident re...
While federal agencies lag on vulnerability assessments and security clearance requests, the bipartisan Defending Digital Democracy Project releases three new resources to help state and local election agencies with cybersecurity, incident response.
One attack sneaks coin-mining malware onto 4,300 sites.

Another targets Android users.
Bug with maximum severity rating is generating plenty of interest among hackers.
The 2017 incident took place due to a sales partner security failure.
A search online lead me to a discovery I didnrsquo;t think was possible nowadays.
I realized almost immediately that critical security issues were probably involved.
I found that out of the many tens of thousands of gas stations the company claimed to have installed their product in, 1,000 are remotely hackable.
Republican senator: data breach incident “raises red flags within this committee.”
Octoly's incident response was sorely lacking, says the Upguard researcher who found the exposed repository.

DDoS attacks in Q4 2017

News overview In terms of DDoS attacks, the last quarter of 2017 was livelier than the previous one.
Some major botnets were discovered and destroyed.

For instance, early December saw the FBI, Microsoft, and Europol team up to knock outhellip; Read Full Article
Founder says Ars "reaffirmed consumers' concerns about true ownership of IoT devices.”
"Employee 1 just sat there and didn't respond."
"As an industry, we don't really follow the law and we all do it."