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Friday, November 24, 2017
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"This tool will be available for use by the end of the year in the Facebook Help Center."
Pilot program goals are laudable, but is the remedy as bad as the ailment it treats?
For now, you'll still have to use a text replacement trick to fix the problem.

Dangerous liaisons

We took the most popular dating apps and analyzed what sort of user data they were capable of handing over to criminals and under what conditions.
Yet another reminder that when a service is free, you are the product.
Officials obtained fugitiversquo;s GPS coordinates after he took to social media.
Leak suggests this week's Instragram breach was bigger than first thought.
Security flaws in Facebook Messenger and Instagram let hackers propagate attacks and steal personal data.
Hackers exploited app bug, then advertised data in underground forums, researchers say.
Instagram moves quickly to fix a software bug that enabled an attacker to get unauthorized access to a limited set of user information.
This could be how Justin Bieber's bare butt popped out Instagram is blaming a bug in its API for the partial breach of verified users' accounts.…