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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Officials obtained fugitiversquo;s GPS coordinates after he took to social media.
Leak suggests this week's Instragram breach was bigger than first thought.
Security flaws in Facebook Messenger and Instagram let hackers propagate attacks and steal personal data.
Hackers exploited app bug, then advertised data in underground forums, researchers say.
Instagram moves quickly to fix a software bug that enabled an attacker to get unauthorized access to a limited set of user information.
This could be how Justin Bieber's bare butt popped out Instagram is blaming a bug in its API for the partial breach of verified users' accounts.…
The Facebook-owned company says no passwords were leaked, but is warning users about suspicious calls and texts.
Aubrey Plaza is terrific as a social media addict in search of viral fame.
"Was incredibly hard to balance aesthetics and function."
Ars gets the first look at Facebook's fancy new dynamic analysis tool.
Influencers are more active endorsing beauty brands through Instagram Stories than on Snapchat, but smaller beauty brands still thrive very well on Snapchat staying under the radar while engaging their audience.August 9, 2017 --- Snaplytics is a market...